Monday, 30 September 2013

It's No Fun Without OTL!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here.

We have not been too happy today. You see, Old Two Legs took us for our wander this morning in the woods and Holly was a bit better but was even happier when she was allowed to head for home!

We got back and OTL was on the phone and the computer in his 'Work Mode', you know, all sort of efficient and sounding like he knows wot he is talking about!

Then, all of a sudden he was packing things away and collecting his phone and stuff.

In a flash he was gone!

Left us behind!

Just said Bye Bye and kissed our heads and tickled our tail and was gone!

Now, as much as we love The Missus, she doesn't play with us like OTL does nor does she take us down to the beach to play chase and let's face it, we really are not that excited about making cards and colouring in stamps!

All we could do was have a snooze!

Wish OTL was here!
 Holly was a bit put out and I was not the happiest puppy in the camp! I was not my best either!

It's not the same without OTL!
You know, we even spent some time watching the new arrivals park up their caravan and gave them points for how straight the caravan was and if it was in line with the marker on the pitch.

No, the Jockey wheel is twisted and the van is not level, 4 out of ten only!
Now just how bored can we get!

Now we just got a call saying that OTL will not be back until tomorrow!

Mind you, that does mean we get more of the bed tonight, providing we can shove TM over!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly (Bored)

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Our 'Lazy Day'!

Hi Woofers!

It's Us, Daisy & Holly!

What a Sunday! Old Two Legs went to bed a bit late last night and as we stayed up with him, that meant we also went to bed late.

To make up for it, we got up late, well, Holly, OTL and me got up late, The Missus was up early to finish off a card she started yesterday at her 'Glue & Glitter' party!

OTL said that he fancied a 'Lazy Day', just slobbing about, eating, drinking and reading his book.

'Yes!' we said, what a wonderful idea!

Our morning walk up the forest wasn't as wet as normal 'cos the dew had mostly been burnt off by the sun and we headed back to the caravan with just wet paws!

It's not so wet OTL!
As we passed one of the caravans, a Westie popped his head out and said 'Good Morning Ladies!'

Holly was dead impressed 'cos we don't get called Ladies, Girly's, maybe or Girls but never Ladies!

'morning Ladies!
So we stopped for a while and had a chat until Holly reminded me that our breakfast of Chicken was waiting in the caravan and no matter how fit Westie was, he just didn't compete with Chicken & Biscuits!

After doing his chores, OTL sat down with his book and started to read. Holly sat on the cushions behind him and I jumped up on the seat opposite him and tried to have a snooze, all lazy like.

It didn't work.

Because we had got up late, we had made up for all the snoozing we had missed and I was getting a bit 'Twitchy'

Every time OTL looked up from his book he could see me 'cos I was sitting up, looking him directly in the eyes with my 'I Want Something' look!

After while he did the stupid thing and said..........'And What Do You Want?'

It must have taken all of ten minutes to get him dressed and us in the car heading off to Titchwell Marsh RSPB site!

All the way down there we were woofing at the other cars and the Pheasants by the side of the road and the Pigs we saw in the field and the Cattle we saw in another field and before long we had arrived!

We love this place 'cos it's got the most fabulous beach that goes on for miles in both directions and when the tides out we can run for as long as we want an of course, I can go into the sea 'cos it is shallow and not too dangerous!

Hey Sis, This is Super Good!
This time we turned left and went along the beach, I was running with Holly and OTL was taking pictures of the wild life, well, two birds who were running past him!

Can't Catch Me!
The wind was blowing in off the sea and pushing us along which was great 'cos we seem to be able to run faster when the wind is pushing your tail along!

This is a 'Tail Wind'!
Then I caught the sniff of a rabbit, I was off, woofing and jumping up in the air so I can see which way the rabbit was going, Holly wasn't too far behind me and she was woofing as well for me to slow down a bit or at least tell her which way the rabbit was going!

I Sniff With My Little Nose, Something beginning with 'R'
OTL wasn't too far behind both of us, woofing for us to 'Come Back', fat chance!

Holly and I had a great time and when we finally decided that the rabbit had gone, we wandered back to OTL, who by now was standing on top of the dunes bellowing for all he was worth for us to 'Come Back' so we did, I sneaked up behind him and then casually walked past him to see where Holly was and I just said 'Yes?'

Still searching!
I was put on the lead, so I know I wasn't in his 'Good Books'!

It's Your Fault we are in The Poo!
Holly came back and we had to spend some time on the lead just to show us who is in charge!

As we walked along the beach we saw there were tons of old Razor Shell shells piled up on the beach, Holly says that if that was just the old ones, just think of how many there must be still living in the sand on the beach!

Tons and Tons of them!
On our way back, the wind was blowing in our faces and the sand was being blown in our eyes and up our noses! It was OK for OTL 'cos he is much taller than us but we had the sand straight in our eyes. I jumped up at his leg to alert him of our predicament and he diverted closer to the waters edge where the sand was still wet and not being blown but the gale coming in off the sea!

Clever OTL!

It was then that he relented and let us off the lead again, so off we went racing in and out of the dunes and around his legs and back again to the dunes, it was great fun just running flat out for as long as we wanted!

Around OTL once!
 Holly was taking it to extremes by keep running to the dunes and then back to OTL again!

............and around him Again!
When we got back to the car we were all worn out, Holly and I had a drink and I finished off the little venison & beef mini sausages OTL had brought for us as a nibble!

All the way back Holly and I were 'Speed Sniffin' out of the window but we both held our breath when we went past the Pig Farm, Phew! Wot a Pong!

TM Was waiting for us when we got back and we got some more Chicken that was left over from this morning, then we crashed out, two worn out little puppies recovering form another super day with OTL!

We may be in for an early night tonight!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Bird Watching with a Bang!

Hello Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly back at the end of another exciting day!

This morning we were thrown out of bed early so that The Missus could get the caravan all tidy and things put away before we left.

This is really too early to get up!

It was such a rush that Old Two Legs didn't even get any breakfast and what was worse, neither did we!

It was a quick walk up the woods, good morning sun, then back to the car!

Good Morning Sunbeams!
What was all this about? It was TM of to Janet and Moira's Card Workshop! It was somewhere in the depths Norfolk and it took us ages to get there down dark and narrow country lanes!

We didn't mind that 'cos we saw loads of birds that would make a tasty meal!

After dropping TM off, we headed off to the nearest RSPB site which was called Surlingham Church Marsh.

Where has all the Birdies Gone?
It promised some special birds like Marsh Harriers and Bitterns and other stuff OTL gets all excited about.

What did we see?

Diddly Squat!

We saw two butterfly's and a 'Bumbly Bee' that looked like it was on it's last legs! We decided that the butterfly was the best shot!

Red Admiral
What was more worrying was the sign we had to pass on our way to the site!

Keep Yer 'ead and yer tail down Sis!
Seems like you have got to be a brave sort of Bird Watcher around here, if you don't fall into the marsh and drown, you could get your head blown off!

We came across an old church on the hill behind the 'new' one.

The Old Church
I'm not sure how old it was but it was crumbling away and OTL says that more than likely the stone was used to build the new one!

The New Church
I think I'd prefer the old one myself!

The other two 'Marshy' RSPB sites were not very exciting as they were more like a path along side the river, but we did get a chance to woof at the ducks!

The boats were chugging up and down the river and Holly and I couldn't decide why these Two Legs were so fascinated with boats, let's face it, where would this lot go for a wee?

Where is the Pee Pot?
OTL decided to stop off at a field that had been left to grass and we got let off our leads as well. We had a great time sniffin' and running about. Then OTL managed to scare a Hare into leaving its scrape and leg it across the field!

We were in hot pursuit in a flash but the hare got away, I mean, that hare went like a bolt of lightening, woosh and through the hedge and that was it, no hare any more!

Unfortunately, I think I twisted my leg or my old muscle problem has kicked in but I didn't feel too well when we picked up TM from the Workshop.

Back at the caravan Holly and I decided that we would have a snooze, unless dinner was served early, and for a change it was, Doggy Scoff!

Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk!

So that was it, Holly and will wait for OTL 'cos he has got Bambi Burger tonight, so we will mug some of that and see how things go.

We hope that Elaine got a 'Happy Birthday' lick from Archie and I bet he don't get Doggy Scoff either!

Sunday tomorrow, so we may get a lay in bed and an extra long snooze!

Bye for now.


Daisy & Holly

Friday, 27 September 2013

Another Sandy Escapade!

Hi Woofers!

It's Us again, Daisy & Holly.

It has been a great day today, loads of fun with Old Two Legs. First of all we went out for our morning stroll in the woods, we met up with that big Bozo Labrador again and I growled at him but he didn't run away, so we sat down and looked at him until his owner dragged him away! Then we went for our walk in the woods, Holly is still not too happy about it but says she is getting used to it now!

It's a Bozo!
OTL dragging her that is, not the woods!

We saw some fungi starting to poke it's head above the grass and OTL has promised to get on his knees before the holiday is finished to see if he can get some pictures!

OK, It's Fungi Time!
We were threatened with some Doggy Scoff this morning but The Missus said that if OTL took her shopping, we could have some Lambs Heart tonight.


After doing the shopping TM said she was going to get on making a special birthday card for Archie's Mum. As normal, TM is always late to send a birthday card, mainly because she is trying to make every one a 'Work of Art'!

So, Happy Birthday Elaine!!!! At least you get a 'Happy Birthday' in time from us!

Say Hello to Archie for us and hope is is getting better and his bits are not too sore!

After taking all the shopping back home we headed off to Titchwell Marshes again. We love that place, it's got miles of sandy beaches and big seaside puddles you can sit in and roll in and run through!

When we got to the beach, instead of turning left, as we normally do, this time we turned right and had a good game of 'Chase The Ball'.

OTL tried to get a picture of a bird that was chasing a smaller sea gull type around all over the sky, it was being a big bully, but we are not sure what make it is!

Bully Bird!
It was all very interesting, that was until I caught the sniff rabbit!

Guess Wot I Sniff!
That was it, Holly and I were off over the sand dunes sniffin' and digging and woofing and chasing.

At first we didn't find any rabbits out of their holes and we had a good time pretending we had been chasing one, just to keep OTL busy searching for us!

Then it was back onto the beach for another splash in the sea and a sniff and a roll in the sand.

The next best thing to a Roll in a Sniff is a Cooling Paddle!
 OTL was doing his 'Sneaky Sneaky' creep up on the birds having a snooze on the beach.

Snoozy Sea Gulls!
 Well, we showed him what we do with snoozy birds!

Once that was done we headed back to the sand dunes and this time we kicked up a couple of rabbits and Holly and I went into 'Hunting' mode, we were woofing and yelping and jumping all over the place. Of course OTL was standing on top of the dunes calling us but that didn't worry us, we were having too much fun!

Me, Leading Holly Astray!
Well, in the end OTL got to us and the rabbit had disappeared, so we couldn't get to it and we ended up on the lead and being marched down to the beach again!

When we got there, Holly was let off the lead 'cos OTL says that it was me who was leading her astray by chasing rabbits!

As if!
Holly managed to find a good sniff on the air and followed it back down the beach, looked at me then smiled and had a good roll in it!

Hey! Guess Wot I've Jus' Rolled In?
She knew OTL wouldn't let me off the lead to have a roll, so she was just teasing me!

Back to the car and we crashed out again, both of us were exhausted after all that running, still, we had out Lambs Heart to look forward to when we got back and of course, there is always OTL's dinner that is up for grabs!

TM is off tomorrow to some local Glue & Glitter Crop, so we be out with OTL again but at the moment we haven’t decided just where we will be going. We will have a chat tonight and decide then.

Maybe Fungi Hunting!

Little Baby Fungi?
So, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (An early night for us tonight!)

Thursday, 26 September 2013

A Broad Day

Hi Woofers,

Daisy & Holly here!

After we posted the blog yesterday, Old Two Legs asked what was for dinner, 'Salad and Meat' says The Missus, 'Yuk!' says OTL!

Salad to OTL is about the same as Doggy Scoff to us!

'How about a Chinese?' says OTL reaching for his triple locked wallet.

Well, we had some chicken chow summat and King Prawns and some other rice type of stuff.

After the chicken nibbles we managed to mug Holly started on the stuff OTL calls 'Plawn Clackers!'

I only have a few bits of the Plawn Clackers but Holly just loves them!

OTL picked up one, took a small bite and looked the other way, just long enough for Holly to lean over and bite a big lump out of the remaining bit in OTL's hand!

Naughty Holly! Still, it got her a couple of full sized ones to nibble on!

This morning we stayed in bed a bit later than normal 'cos we were tired after yesterdays running around on the beach. When we finally did get up TM told us that we were to 'Clear Off' today 'cos she had plans to play with all her Ally Pally purchases and didn't want us under her feet!

Well, that was it, after our walk in the forest (Holly is still not happy about going in there!)

Holly is Still Moaning!
Then we set off for a RSPB site near to Great Yarmouth.

When we finally arrived at the place, it had gone! I mean, like, there was no sign of an RSPB site, just a factory type building and notices telling us all to 'Clear Off' 'Sounds a bit like TM!' says Holly!

OTL had a look on his SatNav Gizmo Thingy and said there was another site a few miles away, so off we went singing our driving songs!

We landed up at a very small car park and a sign telling us we were at Buckenham Marshes!

This Be Buckenham!
The path down to the waters edge was across a railway crossing where we had to open and close heavy white gates and listen to find out if there were any trains coming, which there weren't, lucky for us!

Off we went past fields full of geese and swans and coots and moor hens and herons and a Kestrel looking for lunch!

Anyone for Lunch?
We ended up stopping at a big river.

The Broads!
OTL said it was called The Broads, a big sort of inland waterway where everyone runs around in boats going Yo Ho! To each other and other nautical stuff they learnt from reading boaty books!

Holly said it all looked pretty daft to her 'cos where could a poor doggy go when they wanted a wee?

What do your when you want a Wee?
We walked for miles along the river bank saying 'Hello' to the fishermen who were trying to teach their worms to swim, as normal!

Another Fisherman!
We woofed at a couple of those inland boaty things and OTL told us if we woofed too much he would throw us in The Broads and make us swim back!

I'm Not Swimming in There!
Yeah Right, just see what TM would say about that!

We came across an old Windmill that had lost all it's windy bits and was now a place where they kept an electrical pump to pump water from the ditches out to the big river.

A Windy Pumpy Thingy!
OTL spotted some egg shells that he reckons are pigeon eggs and they had come from a nest box that looked like it was meant for Barn Owls!

We walked all the way to the end of the path then turned around and headed back to the car. I was getting a bit tired, so I did my 'Pick Us Up OTL' trick and he heaved me up on his shoulder for a while. You know, he is a bit of a wimp, there I was sitting on his shoulder when I started to slip a bit, so I dug my claws in to stop me falling off. The fact I dug them into his neck doesn't really matter, well, I didn't want to fall off!

It's Only One Claw!
When we got back to the car, OTL had a packet of crisps and we had a couple of 'Doggy Sausages' before heading off for home.

Holly and I slept most of the way back, I reckon that my poor feet must almost be worn away what with all this walking lark!

Tomorrow we want a 'Restful Day'

See what happens!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A Beach to Die For!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

Well, Holly is still not sure about the forest, she keeps dragging on the lead and Old Two Legs has to go back, tickle her ear and then she is off again, for a while before she does the 'Scaredy' bit again!

OTL took some pictures of the forest this morning, with the sunlight filtering through the branches. I must admit, I've seen better!

After our morning stroll, OTL had some work to do on the computer and a couple of phone calls to make, once finished, we were off to Titchwell Marsh, which is a RSPB site but this one is special!

You see, it has a 'Public Footpath' all the way through it and it keeps going until you reach the beach.

Now, I'm not saying it is big, but we couldn't see one end from the other!

I mean BIG!
We had a super time running and digging and woofing and chasing OTL and The Missus.

Then we found some sniffs that were just right for a roll, so I had one!

Some Sniffs are made for a Roll!
 Holly said that her sniff was better and to prove it............she had a roll as well!

This is GREAT!
Then we played chase the ball and then chase the sea gulls and, well we were exhausted in no time flat and had to have a rest just to get over our fun and games!

Holly doing a Sand Dance!
Then I decided to race off towards the waves, it was miles away from the beach and in the end I had to put up with a big long puddle!

It's a Long Way to the sea!
Holly and I were so puffed that we had to have a rest, just where the puddle was. I sat down but Holly just had a paddle!

Then I decided to try running through the water!

Jus' Cooling Off!
OTL was showing us where a Razor Clam lived, all I could see was a hole and a pile of poo, but we all nodded our heads and tried to look interested!

Eat Sand one end and poo it the other end, so, what's new?
We got back to the car and OTL gave us a good rub down with the towel and brushed our fur so the sand all fell out, into the back of the car!

Back home in the caravan we decided that the best place for us was asleep, catching up on our missed 'Daytime Snoozes'!

Wake me for dinner!
OTL telephoned to see how Snowflake and Mr Brambles were and it appears they are having a super time in the Jacuzzi!

Lucky ferrets! 

Not sure what we are doing tomorrow, OTL keeps talking about a Whisky Distillery, but I'm sure they don't do that in England!

Bye for now!


Daisy & Holly