Saturday, 4 October 2014

We film a Eee-Be-Goom!

Eee-Up Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Well, today it has been another terribly early morning appointment for us! The Missus had booked into a course on a Finnabar Workshop run by Anna, who is very famous!

Holly said that she will able to become more famous 'cos she will have met 'The Fabulous Eileen', (Inky to her friends!)

We headed off with Old Two Legs and found a Country Park where  we could have our morning 'Walkies'! and of course, we hadn't brought our rain coats with us and of course, it rained!

The walk was not a long one!

Back in the car we listened to the radio and some CD's and had a drive around to see the sights, trouble was, we had seen most of the sights 'cos we were back in Stockton on Tees again!

Because of the rain we decided that a trip up onto the moors would be a bit 'Damp'!

TM said that her workshop would finish at one, so that  gave us a chance of another run in the Country Park and wot made it better was, the rain had stopped!

Of course, our main topic of discussion was the success OTL had with his 'Secret Camera'!

The other night TM left a bag of rubbish in the awning instead of putting it in the bin. In the morning it had been ripped open and the contents had been scattered all over the place. TM reckoned it was rats but OTL said it could have been a mouse or even a bird.

Holly said that it may be an Eee-Be-Goom that had come down from the moors early to get a good place to hibernate!

You can see that it looked very fierce and Holly said she would not like to meet it on a dark night!

Wot I didn't like was the eyes, scary or wot!

It was TM who said we were all a lot of Bozo's 'cos it was a Hedgehog! Well, it didn't look like a hedgehog to us but TM put out some Doggy Scoff that Holly and I decided was just too much for us!

It came up to our time to go to bed, so we opened the door to find the Eee-Be-Goom stuffing his face with Doggy Scoff, well, as Holly said, 'No wonder he looks fierce, having to eat Scoff'!

At one we were back to pick up TM and she came out from the class with her 'Creation' and Holly said it reminds her of the little Two Legs coming out from school with their 'Art Class' work!

Back at the caravan we decided to have a quick sniff around over by the river, that was until OTL called us to go in, which we ignored, until he was marching over to us, then we ran back before he could get to us!

Race you back Sis!
 Tonight we plan an early night, just to make up for the last two days!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.