Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve and we are in Trouble!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here on a Christmas Eve edition of our 'Famous Doggy Blog'!

Well, this morning it has been a bit of a run around in more than one way! First of all we were out on our walk along The Sea Wall and you know, we didn't see any other dogs!

Holly reckons they have all gone away for Christmas to a place where there is warm sun shine and sandy beaches where a dog can dig all day in the sand and never get into trouble!

I did point out that we were about a half hour later than normal and more than likely, all the dogs were back at home enjoying a big breakfast!

Sun shine, beaches and sand holes and all I get is Puddles!
Mine you, Holly got up with the grumps today, she was sleeping in her bed when Old Two Legs announced that we were going for a walk and when he tickled her behind the ears to wake her up, she did her 'Grumbly Voice' which means 'Leave me Alone, I don't want to ..............'!

Not that it stopped OTL getting her up and down stairs 'cos as he says, 'I've got a bigger Grumbly Voice than You!'

We had our walk then headed for the town to do the banking and get OTL's glasses mended. The glasses he looks through, not the glasses he holds his whisky in!

He did the Banking but the Opticians were closed! So that means OTL will have to wear the second pair which he says makes him look old. I didn't think it was his glasses that made him look old, rather it was all the white hair and wrinkles that are the give away!

Back home to a brush and some Lambs Heart with Biscuits for our late breakfast and then a snooze in the Day Bed until lunch time.

We were a bit late going for the lunch time walk 'cos OTL was finishing off all the bits of paper that were piled up on the desk and when he had finished, we were just ready for a stroll.

Well, a bit of a 'Chase The Ball' game and a splash through the puddles again was all we did, no woofers to say 'Merry Christmas' to, not even a pussy cat to woof at!

All the Wormy Men had gone and The Fishermen were still at home, the birds were hiding in the bushes and the rats and rabbits were all fast asleep!

Chase The Ball on The Beach!
 Even along The Sea Wall there was no one about, just us!
Wet & Windy on The Sea Wall.
 All the puddles were still there and we had to walk in them, just to get to the car!
More Puddles!
 When we got back home, OTL helped us get ready for Father Christmas to come and we wrote out our letters and left him a list of things we would like and if he could leave us any of them we would be really, really grateful!

We said that we had been good dogs all year long and had not caused too much trouble and hadn't chewed OTL's boots or The Missus's card stuff and we had kept the garden free of cats so that the birds can feed.

We finished off by saying that the carrots were for Rudolph and the other reindeer and the mince pie was for Father Christmas and the Whisky was for The Elf.

Then we hung up our stockings and left the carrots and stuff by the fire.

That was until we got a little bit hungry.

We had our dinner and then sneaked over to have just a little nibble of the carrot and the mince pie, but we did leave some for later, for Father Christmas and the Reindeer and The Elf.

We did, Honest!

A Woofing Big  'Merry Christmas' to all you Woofers out there!
Lots of Luv,
Daisy & Holly
  The Missus & Old Two Legs xx