Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Searching for Eagles and Haggis!

Hello Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly back with you from the wild Highlands of Scotland!

We woke Old Two Legs up real early this morning so he should not miss his eagle viewing boat trip. We both jumped onto the bed and while I held his head still, Holly ave his ear a good washing.

That woke him up in double quick time!

The Missus took us for our early morning walk around the camp site, it was funny hearing the other two legs snoring inside their tents!

We spent most of the morning catching up on our sleep and chasing moles!

Yep, this camp site has moles sticking their head up above ground every so often and both Holly and me have been trying to catch them, why we even tried to dig one out!

OTL came back and said that he had learnt a lot about trying to photograph Whit Tailed Eagles, like he's not very good at it!

White Tailed Eagle
So he is going back next week to have another try at getting some good photos, now he knows what the birds do to grab the fish the boatman throws in for them!

We gave him a cuddle when he got back and asked if we could go for a long walk down into the forest again, even The Missus said she wanted to go!

Hide & Seek with TM
We started of with some 'Chase' games, then we pretended to be a Haggis and run along the side of the mountain, Holly was good at that!

Then we tried some 'White Water Stream Walking',that was fun and Holly kept falling into deep holes!

White Water Walking

Then Holly found an old Quarry that was full of water and suggested a swim, but the walls were too steep and we couldn't get down!

We had some fun with TM, playing 'Hide & Seek', she was not very good at hiding, especially when she stood I the middle of the path!

As normal, Holly got all worn out, what with all this mountain climbing and chasing up and down paths and swimming in streams, she was too worn out to get up the steep hill.

Carrying Holly
Good old OTL, he carried her all the way up to the top. Trouble was, he was singing all the way up, 'She Ain't Heavy, She's My Puppy!

Tonight we have chicken for dinner, so we are looking forward to that.

Tomorrow it may be a bit rainy but OTL has promised to take us to the beach, so claws crossed, we may get a paddle in the sea yet!

Bye bye for now!


McDaisy & MacHolly