Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Queens of the Castle

Hi Ho Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly back again.

We have been busy puppies today, first of all we have been making lists of things to take away with us on holiday, sun tan lotion, anti midge spray, spare bones and chews. We even got The Missus to order up a chicken, just to get us up to Scotland, then we can get Venison and Haggis and stuff that they eat up there!

TM has got a load of anti Midge stuff from a shop on the computer, so she should be OK.

We asked what Old Two Legs uses and we found out he uses a skin lotion called 'Oh So Soft', it gets rid of the midges OK but he has to watch out when he's walking down the street 'cos as he says 'it pongs like a Tarts handbag'!

Today we all went out with OTL to see a customer down near Deal on the coast. While he was in talking, we went for a walk with TM over a football field. I thought I sniffed a fox and shot off the side into the hedge and trees. I was having a super time but forgot about which direction I had come from!

I was just about to get worried when I saw a man walking towards me, so I jumped up to ask if he had seen TM or Holly.

He didn't seem to understand what I was saying but he put me on a lead and tried to get in touch with OTL but he had his phone turned off!

To cut a long story short, OTL came out of the building to meet TM who was panicking about loosing me. He walked off to where I ran off and we all met in the road. We thanked the man and I was indeed very pleased to see everyone again.

From there we went down to Deal and had a run along the beach, which was super fun and I reckon the sea tasted different from our beach at home.

It does taste different!
Then OTL walked us all the way to the pier and took a photo from underneath the pier. He says he will have to go back with a tripod and in the evening to get some colour in the sky!

Under the Pier
On the way back along the beach, Holly went sniffing by the fishing boats and was calling out for the fishermen, but no one came out, maybe they were all down the back of the garden digging up worms so they can teach them to swim!

Hello Mr Fisherman?
We came to the Deal Castle and had fun pretending we were both The Queen of The Castle and were telling OTL what to do!

It was good fun, except OTL said he was in charge, not us!

 Spoil Sport!

Queens of The Castle
 We had a snooze most of the way home and were dreaming of our dinner tonight, chicken and biscuits and a mug of OTL's dinner as well!

Most of the evening was spent chasing each other up and down the stairs until we decide it was bed time!

OTL had put our beds out, so, off we went to bed and dream of our holiday fun!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly