Friday, 2 March 2012

Saying Hello To The Not Not's

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

Fridays are normally 'wind down' days. You know, planning for the weekend, finishing up and little jobs you missed doing during the week, a sort of catch up and tidy up before the weekend type of day.

Normally, yes, but not today!

We started out as normal, a walk along the Sea Wall, say hello to the Oyster Catchers and the Corvid Family.

Morning Lads!
Then Old Two Legs had another bash at the sea weed 'cost being so misty, loads of water droplets were hanging like jewels from the fronds.

Sea Weed Jewels?
By the time he had finished playing with the sea weed, it was late getting back. OTL had a load of stuff to do and he was so busy that The Missus had to take us for our lunch time walk around The Fields, which wasn't so bad 'cos we haven't been around there for some time, plus there were a few new sniffs!

We got back and within five minutes we were chasing OTL down the stairs, him carrying a load of stuff to be delivered and us making sure he didn't go without us!

We spent a boring half an hour in the car waiting for him to get things sorted with his customer then pointed him in the direction of The New Park!

It was a bit late but we weren't complaining, too much!

First dog we met was a young lad of just twelve weeks on his first outing. Needless to say, OTL fell in love with him!

Eye See You!
He was a young Husky sort of dog and they normally have beautiful blue eyes but this lad had one brown eye and one blue one! We didn't mention it at all as that would be rude and give him a complex about his eyes!

We all had a sniff and he jumped around a bit before going off with his owners. OTL has removed the lead that he was attached to with the computer program. Clever old stick he is!

Guess what? The Not Nots were out in the field today!

We went over to say 'Hello', well, really we went over to poke fun at their snooty ways! It wasn't long before they started. It went something like this...........'Hello Not Nots' .......Oh, it's you two again.........'How's yer belly for fur?'..........we don't have fur, we have Wool and mind your manners or we will come and stamp our foot at you and whistle!'.........'Ooooooo, get you!'

How's yer Belly?
And so it went on, us making fun of them and them telling us off! OTL said that we should try to be friends with them 'cos you never know when that might be handy!

Holly an me stopped woofing at them and we all sort of stood giving each other the old 'Hairy Eyeball' treatment, but they weren't as good as us and they started to whistle and stamp their feet at us. As Holly says.............Oooo! Don't they look fearsome! Then we ran away pretending we were scared!

'Such Rude Little Puppy's!'
We were still laughing about it all when we got home and was going to tell TM all about it but she had gone out baby sitting, and she didn't even tell us!

Poor OTL had to cook his own dinner and make up ours as well!

Didn't taste too bad, his or ours!

So that's it really, we had a snooze and a wait for TM to get back and now off to bed!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (Not friends of the Not Not's)