Monday, 5 October 2015

A Ferret in Clover?

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May here with you again!

It has been a sort of 'Slow' day today. Old Two Legs has been in the shower scraping away at the old sealant and then getting the masking tape out and sticking that on the shower tray and wall tiles to make the edges all neat and tidy after squirting the sealant into the gap.

Well, that was the general idea but what with his bad back and his one dodgy eyeball, the edge of the masking tape looked like a relief map of the Himalayas!

Not his best job!

But in the end it all got sealed and he says that once he gets his eyeball sorted, he will have another go!

Tomorrow morning is the test time, on goes the shower and OTL will be downstairs looking for leaks!

Down on the beach Miss Snowflake was trying to get a lift across the sand 'cos she says that the sand gets in between her claws!

Go on, have pity on a poor little ferret?
OTL said she needed the exercise and made her walk!

We have noticed that the Boat has been slowly moving down the beach and I reckon that it won't be long before it heads out to sea again!

It says 'Which way is North?'
We left OTL alone for the morning and lunchtime came and went, well, the Page 3 Girls didn't wake up, OTL was still sealing and Holly and I were crashed out on the bed!

It was OTL who first noticed the time and went to see if The Girls were awake.

Miss April was sort of awake, well, in a dozy state! She got her harness on and was followed by Miss May and then they went into the travelling cage ready to head off for a game.

When we got to the car park, it was raining, well sort of spitting type of rain. The sort of rain that doesn't feel like much but ends up making your tail all wet and soggy!

The Girls didn't think much of the wet stuff 'cos they had spent all their time in a cage and had never experienced rain before. They have been out with OTL and got wet tummies from the dew on the grass but not this rain stuff!

To help take their mind off wet tails I told them about a super place us Woofers go to get some serious sniffs!

As you are Sisters, I'll show you a Secret Place!
I lead them to the Clover Patch. Now this spot has all the sniffs you could want, there are rabbit sniffs, and rat sniffs, and fox sniffs, (but not too many of them)! Then there are the mouse sniffs and the shrew sniffs and even some voles and best of all, grass snake sniffs!

OK, gently does it, don't wear out all the sniffs in one go!
Miss April was amazed by what was on offer. I showed her the different sniffs under the clover leaves and she even found a Hedgehog sniff I had missed!

This sniff is all prickly!
Miss May was all over the place, she was following the mouse sniff and came up on a Mole Sniff which is pretty rare around here!

Do we have to do them all?
 I told them they should leave the sniffs where they were and that way we can come back tomorrow and enjoy a second round of sniffs!

Back home again and we had some Lambs Heart waiting for us but I just wasn't in the mood for Lambs Heart, so I kept on worrying OTL until he gave us a Doggy Biscuit that was shaped like a bone. Not brilliant but at least I got to leave some crumbs on the pillow for later!

We are off now to see what is muggable tonight, so bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.