Sunday, 13 February 2011

Saturday with OTL

Hello Everyone,

Daisy & Holly back again.

We have been with Old Two Legs today, keeping close and looking for signs of 'Walkies' whenever he moves!

We went out first thing and met an enormous Greyhound who told us he really only came out with his owner for a quick wee and to keep him happy, he'd rather be back home curled up in front of the fire!

I suppose you get like that when you get old. I hope OTL doesn't get like that, who would take us on our Adventures?

It was a little dodgy in our house today, Auntie Karen (one of the cat people) arrived with loads of card making stuff, that means we have to watch out for glue, glitter and bits of peel offs sticking to our fur!

This card making can be very dangerous for us puppies!

We said hello to her but kept an eye out for sticky card bits!

Later on when she left, you know, I heard her say to OTL that they had not even completed one card!

They had been too busy gassing to make a card! Some things never change!

Because it has not been nice outside, Holly, OTL and me have been playing chase today, in the house.

Holly gets one of the rawhide chews and runs down stairs with it, then TM chases her up stairs, Holly then drops it in the day bed, I run down stairs with it, TM then chases me upstairs. Holly and I then jump onto OTL's chair and he protects us from TM who wants to take our tails away!

It's good fun and we get a little exercise as well running up and down stairs, not as much as if we were down the park but we stay warm and dry!

Let's hope the rain goes away on Sunday, then we can go on an Adventure!

See you tomorrow!