Saturday, 31 October 2015

Miss April and the Great Escape!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May here again!

Have we had a fun day today!

We got down to the beach on time today and Miss Snowflake was straight in and ferreting around trying to find 'The Big Slimy Thing', I don't know what she finds but when ever we go to look,it has gone! Holly reckons Snowflake finds a reflection of herself in a rock pool!

We just hope that it's not a big crab she finds!

Here it is!
Holly and I found another bit of Flotsam next to the 'Half Boat', we really don't know what it is about our beach but it seems to attract all the rubbish that comes down the river!

Well, you tell it that it can't stay on our beach!
Up on the Grass Path, we were happy having a sniff when who should turn up? Poppy!

Come on she says, my Two Legs is coming, where is my ferret?

Unfortunately,  just as she got to Snowflake the TL came up and clipped the lead on and that was it!

Quick. where is the ferret, my TL's coming!
Back home, Snowflake had a ferret around the house and then decided to go back to bed early, that means the Page 3 Girls got let out early!

Old Two Legs had finished clearing Snowflakes house and was setting about the girls cage while they both headed off down stairs to create mayhem, as normal!

Having cleaned everything, OTL noticed that the Ferret Food was getting low, so, armed with his trusty credit card, re ordered up four bags of food. Now normally he would have just ordered two but there was a 'Special Offer' on and he would get 15% off! That means a saving of £17.99!

They had better not go off the stuff or OTL will not be a Happy Puppy!

Now, both of the girls had been charging about all over the place and Miss May had even climbed up onto OTL's desk top and run across the keyboard on both computers. It was a good job OTL was off the Internet thingy or he might have ordered 40000000000000000 bags of ferret food!

Finally it was time to get the girls back in the cage and May was still on the desk but April was nowhere to be seen. She was called and searched for and called and then OTL started to get concerned, April couldn't have got out the house so she is either asleep somewhere or trapped in some dark hole!

Room by room the house was searched. The Missus's warehouse of cards and boxes were turned inside out, no April.

OTL's office was turned inside out, including the  drawers and the stationery cupboard, still nothing.

Next the bedroom and under the bed and in the cupboard where OTL keeps his mountain climbing boots and 'Wet Weather Gear' and still nothing.

Next it was down stairs to turn over TM's desk and piles of boxes and bins, and behind all the curtains then under the sofa and chairs, still nothing!

Next the kitchen was searched and all the cupboards with access to behind the cooker and fridge were investigated by OTL with his trusty LED torch, not a sniff!

May had been put back in her cage while OTL and TM were searching and May was getting concerned  as well and called out to be let out 'cos she could search the hidey holes, but OTL said that one missing ferret was enough.

That didn't please May and she started to get cross and throw her Poo Pot all around the cage plus throw all the cat litter all over the office floor as well!

Then OTL had an idea, maybe Miss April had gone behind the bookcase where all the biscuits were hidden and fallen asleep on top of them.

So, armed with a small mirror and his trusty LED Torch he got down onto the floor. He tied a length of string onto the mirror then positioned it at an angle so he could see under the bookcase.

Next he shone the torch onto the mirror and the light was reflected in the mirror and lit up the area under the bookcase.

There, looking all sleepy eyed was a little ferret face looking into the mirror wondering if it was a monster come to pinch her biscuits!

OTL pulled the mirror out and April followed looking all small and sleepy! She climbed onto OTL and snuggled up under his chin and she asked if she was in trouble?

Not as long as I get you back says OTL!

Lunchtime we were down the beach again and the tide was right in. There was a chill in the wind 'cos the mist was still hanging about from this morning but we had a race up and down the beach and I dug an enormous hole in the sand and Holly and I had a game of 'Race' up and down the beach stopping every time to dig the hole just a bit deeper! 

I Love Deep Holes!
Miss April had a snuffle around on the beach and asked if she could have a carry as she wasn't in trouble but OTL said she needed to keep fit, so she had to run all the way back to the car!

If I'm not in trouble, why can't I have a carry?
Miss May was sniffing around the 'Half Boat' and found two bits of rope and said that if Holly held one end in her mouth and I held the other end, we could both tow the boat across the river!

Look, two ropes for pulling!
 Holly pretended she was deaf to that idea 'cos it means she would have to get wet and that would never happen!

So, now we are off to watch the F1 Qualifying and see what we can mug off OTL!

By the way, we heard the Big Bang of the explosives as the Power Station got another bit  blown out but we haven't seen any pictures at all, still, Holly doesn't do big bangs and as that night where they all let off Whizz Bangs is approaching, Holly is getting a little nervous! 

Last weekend there were some whizz bangs which had her shaking for over an hour!

Nasty things Whizz Bangs!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Poppy wants a Ferret for Christmas!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May here on a blustery day!

It's still not too cold but the wind is whipping up down on the beach! Old Two Legs was complaining about the wind blowing and making his eyes water!

We were a little early today 'cos The Missus had got up at some terrible time 'cos she couldn't sleep, something the do with snoring dogs and Ferrets kicking their Poo Pot about!

As if!

She got her own back by stomping up and down the stairs and crashing about in her store room!

So, there we were, down on the beach in the early hours of the morning!

Getting light!
 We were messing about on the beach when young Poppy came running up to say hello to us all, especially Miss Snowflake. It seems Poppy thinks Snowflake is the ideal mate and she wants to take her home!

It's a bit windy Girls!
 Snowflake and Poppy have 'Touched Noses' but Old Two Legs has to keep a watch on both of them just in case!

We met them all again as they headed towards home and we were off to the car park.

Poppy was sniffing and snuffling about with Snowflake and they even found a slug!

Please, can I take her home?
 The group moved off but Poppy came running back and then got put on her lead and dragged off! She was not a Happy Woofer and showed off all the way back home!

but I want to stay here!
 Lunchtime it was still blowing and there was rain as well, not the best conditions for a stroll alone the beach!

OTL had his hood up but the wind still got in his eyes again!

As we got to the top of the grass path, a big crowd of TL's came marching along and there were Ooo's and Ahhh's from the Mini Two Legs and OTL went into his explanation of ferrets etc. As the Mini TL got closer one of the female TL's started to shout out for the little ones 'Not to touch them', meaning the ferrets!

OTL was a bit put out, I mean, how are the Mini TL's going to learn about animals if you can't touch them?

The Female TL then called out to OTL to say that the whole family were allergic to animal hair. OTL said that it was a shame and cuddled both ferrets against his cheeks!

After they had gone he told us not to worry 'cos they were a rarity!

What with all that going on, OTL didn't take any photos on the lunchtime walk!

We have got our caravan back from the menders, it has been in for repairs 'cos there was a leak on one of the front window frames but now it's all mended and ready to go again!

We are going to watch the F1 Practise in Mexico and tomorrow there is Qualifying and Sunday the race!

We've got the weekend all planned around the F1 racing!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Warm winds from North Africa!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May here!

Wot a super day!

This morning we were out and it was almost balmy weather! There was a warm wind blowing, sunshine and not a rain cloud to be seen!

Holly was full of ideas on how to get the 'Half Boat' floating again and how we could all go on a day trip to Sheerness!

The only real problem was, Holly said she should be the Captain and she should be standing on top of the boat pointing the direction we should be going and me, 'cos I can swim and tow the boat across the river!

I really didn't think that was a good idea but Holly insisted it would work 'cos I can swim and she can't!

I reckon she should get shoved into the water, just to see if she really can swim!

Well, I don't know how to paddle it!
Snowflake said it was a 'Potty Idea' and we should all look at flying it across the river using a balloon filled with hot air 'cos we spent a lot of time talking a Lot of Hot Air!

That ferret is getting too cheeky!

There are more important things to do instead of crossing the river!
Back in the car we all got a rub down with our Doggy Towel 'cos the grass had loads of dew on it and we all had wet tummies!

Snowflake had a run around the house when we got back and that gave Old Two Legs time to clear out Snowflakes house. Then he went looking for her, he hunted all over the house, even used the squeaky ball to attract her but she was nowhere to be found. It was getting serious and even Holly and I were keeping a lookout from the bed where we escape to when the ferrets are out.

Finally, OTL had a good look at the bedding in Snowflakes house and found that she had put herself to bed!

The Page 3 Girls were out like a shot and after a quick play with OTL they were off like lightening down stairs to rob our biscuit bowl!

Lunchtime we were out again but the clouds had covered the sky and there was even rain in the air, but it was still warm!

OTL said that the winds were blowing in from North Africa on the 'Jet Stream' which is all a mystery to us but as long as it is warm we don't care!

Walking along the Sea Wall we spotted a big lump of wood that had floated down the Medway and was trying to climb up the Sea Wall!

Not another one!
 A few steps later, there following down the river came a lump of wood looking for a place to land!

Keep going buster!
Holly said it must be the day for Flotsam and Jetsam 'cos there was a plastic beer crate following hard on their heels!

Miss April, who says she is an expert says that these are Flotsam or rubbish dropped off passing ships and that Jetsam is stuff that has been jettisoned from a ship that may be trying to lighten their load because the ship was in trouble!

You know, she is a right clever little ferret!

Definitely a bit of Flotsam!
Just as were looking at the old beer crate, a speed boat came flying past at top speed. Holly said that he should be watching out for big hard lumps of  Flotsam and Jetsam 'cos if he hit any at that speed it would make a hole in his hull!

Watch out Flotsam and Jetsam ahead!
 By the time we got down to our beach the tide was right in and we could see the 'Half Boat' trying to get off the beach but not making a good job of it!

This is hard work getting sailing again!
We started to feel the rain blowing in our faces, so, off we went at a gallop back to the car and you know what? Miss April even got OTL to carry her almost all the way back!

Both The Missus and OTL have gone off to the doctors to get stabbed with needles, OTL says it is the Flu Jab, Holly says it will more than likely be a worming jab 'cos they haven't had one for ages!

I wonder if OTL will cry when they give him the bill, just like he does at the vets!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

We don't do Rain!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May back again!

This morning when we got up it was raining, I mean, sloshing it down, filling the pond up a treat but Holly and I had other ideas!

Like, Go Back To Bed!

Old Two Legs got Miss Snowflake all dressed up in her harness, then he found our rain coats on top of Snowflakes cage and came into the bedroom so we could get dressed up.

Holly and I didn't move!

We sort of went all limp and floppy, so it took a bit longer but in the end we both had our rain coats on!

Now, Old Two Legs doesn't normally get us all dressed up unless we are going to get wet and we just don't do wet!

Especially Holly Dog!

So, there is OTL, down at the front door calling Holly and me to go walkies, Holly is tucked up on the bed, not moving a hair!

I got carried down stairs with Snowflake and  got clipped onto the lead. Holly still wasn't moving a hair!

In the end, The Missus went marching up stairs and returned with Holly tucked under her arm!

So, there we were, in the car with the wind shield wipers going slap, slap, and the rain pouring down!

When we got to the car park the rain had stopped but OTL wasn't taking any chances and we were clipped onto our lead and marched off to the beach!

Snowflake got a carry!

Down on the beach there was Mrs Corvid picking up a cockle, flying up in the air and dropping it onto the concrete to break it open so she could eat it. Holly had the pickle in her and chased down the beach pretending she was going to pinch the cockle!

Here comes Holly!
Of course, half way there Mrs Corvid has finished the cockle and has taken off searching for another one! 

Beat Yah! I Beat Yah!
Holly pretended she didn't care but just for once she would have liked to give Mrs Corvid's tail a nibble!
That sorted her out!
OTL had to go out to work, so we didn't hang about too long and pretty soon we were back in the car and heading home to a big bowl of Doggy Scoff, YUK!

Lunchtime came and OTL had got home just in time to take us out again. May and April were a bit snoozy but they had sort of woken up by the time we all got down to the beach.

The sun had come out and it wasn't cold at all, in fact I even considered going in for a swim.

Shall I or Shall I not?
It was OTL who decided and told me 'NO!' just 'cos he didn't want to spend ages drying me off when we got back to the car!

Both ferrets looked at the water then rushed up the beach having decided that a swim was definitely not an option!

I don't care if it is warm, she's on her own!
After a run along the beach Miss May tried to get OTL to give her a carry back to the car but that was never going to work, let's face it, she needs the exercise!

Go on, I even give you a Licky Kiss on your ear!
OTL said that while May was a super little ferret, he was still keeping her away from his soft bits, like ears and nose, although she has given him a Licky Kiss on his cheek!

When you think back to Miss Snowflake when she first arrived, she was almost eating OTL at every opportunity until she worked out that he wasn't going to harm her and he had treats such as Ferretone!

Nowadays she climbs up onto his shoulders, licks his ear and has a cuddle under his chin!

So, there is hope yet for May and April and they are learning now that they shouldn't bite too hard when they are playing with OTL!

We are off to see if the Doggy Scoff has changed into something edible!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Izzy Wizzy We Get Bizzy!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May back with you again!

We were up a bit earlier today, well we had to get our beds all tidy and fluffed up 'cos we were expecting visitors today!

Even Old Two Legs was up at six but we think it was because of Holly snoring in his ear!

The ferrets on the other paw had to be woken up and it was only when OTL brought his breakfast up into the office that they woke up enough to slurp down their 'Ferret Milk' (Lactose Free Milk!)

Miss Snowflake was still a bit snoozy as we headed towards the beach but she woke up when she sniffed the sea weed or maybe it was the cloudy mist that seemed to cover everything!

Not exactly Sunshine!
Holly and I were hunting up and down the beach looking for interesting sniffs for Izzy. In the end it was a case of 'Speed Sniffing', there were so many!

I've counted twenty one so far!
 Snowflake was all over the 'Half Boat' and at one point suggested that Izzy could have a go at Walking The Plank!

Yeah! Just right for Walking the Plank!
Back home it was Chicken Chunks 'cos The Missus was trying to pretend it was 'Haute Cuisine' but as Holly said, 'It still Looks like Chicken!'

Finally, OTL sneaked out and took the parcel down to the carriers while Holly and I had a snooze on our cushions.

Before long we heard a ringing door bell, Izzy was here!

We got over the introductory sniffs and then decided to get off to the beach!

There were loads of sniffs we had saved and even the ferrets pointed out a couple Holly and I missed. You know, I'm getting right proud of how they are coming along on the sniff front but I still don't trust their teeth!

Now Izzy, this one we call Sea Rat!
 Of course, we had to show Izzy the 'Half Boat' and explain all about why it was half way up the beach!

You can even sniff the old Tar on this!
 Izzy wanted to know more about how we do mugging down here, so, we did a demonstration. The secret is to get the Two Legs on the point of imbalance. Now this can be done when they crouch down to say 'Hello' or if they are sitting, it is best done when they have got the food half way between plate or packet and their mouth!

Let's show you!

Izzy says that we have certainly been working on our technique and agree it works a treat. Izzy says that she is going to do some more practise at home!

Now, just for OTL, Izzy stood still long enough for OTL to get a photo of her which he has 'Played About' with on the Photo Shop computer thingy!

Izzy looking good!
I must admit, she can take a good picture, she says it's all down to pose, whatever that is!

Izzy says that she enjoyed the visit and especially the sniffs we saved for her and if ever we are in Cumbria she will be pleased to show us all the sniffs in her village!

Now, you can't ask any more than that!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.

Monday, 26 October 2015

There's Chicken and There's chicken!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May back again!

It's another fun Monday! Well, for us woofers it is! Old Two Legs has got to go out and do some work this afternoon, well that's what he had planned. We think it might involve climbing all over as building to get to an antenna, but he won't know until he gets there!

Holly says that she thinks it just might be a cable connector that is needed but we will have to wait until he gets back tonight!

We are still trying to get used to this messing about with the clocks. Why can't we send them all back to the shop and then just use the sun, you know, get up when he sun get s up and go to bed when the sun goes down!

OK, I know the summer days will be longer but the weather is good then and we won't mind the longer days!

Down on the beach the sun was up but hiding behind the clouds. We saw young Curly the Curlew out on the mud looking for his breakfast.

Curly looking for breakfast.
While Snowflake was messing about in the sea weed, Holly and I sat on the beach and speculated on the finer points of roast Curlew!

Think it tastes like chicken?
Snowflake spent some time trying to dig up a stone from the beach but she couldn't move it at all. It took OTL to solve the problem.

The stone is buried in concrete!

Why won't it move?
Heading back to the car we saw Kelly hovering above the undergrowth. He was looking for his breakfast as well. We stopped for a moment to watch him but unfortunately he didn't get a mouse of vole. It just goes to prove that a Kestrel isn't always successful!

Kelly the Kestrel.
We kept OTL at home until lunchtime when the Page 3 Girls got all dressed up in their harnesses ready for their rampage on the beach!

The sneaky pair snuggled down into OTL's arms and didn't open their eyes until we got to the beach!

It was fun watching them wake up and after a while, they scampered off towards the Grass Path. Mind you, they did try to get OTL to carry them up to the path!

OK, what about a little carry and then we walk?
Back home OTL left with his tools and a couple of parcels and we didn't hear anything for an hour when he telephones through saying that the road off the Hoo Peninsular is jammed solid with cars and lorries. It seems that there has been a fuel spillage and that has closed the only road off the Peninsular. OTL had been sitting in the traffic jam going nowhere!

We are expecting him back 'cos we have heard that the road is going to be closed for a little while yet.

So, Holly and I are going to sit at the bedroom window and wait for him.

So, bye bye for now and see you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Why do they mess about with the clocks!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May here, just!

We went to bed last night at our normal time, got into a comfortable position and drifted off to sleep. Then, just at the right time I woke up and gave Old Two Legs a lick behind his ear as a warning that it was getting close to 'Getting Up Time'.

He takes such a long time to get up that I have to go through this game every morning!

Well, there I was, doing my job, when I happened to look across at the clock.

Three fifty four! That's nearly four in the morning and I always wake up and give him a lick at five!

It was then that I remembered, OTL had said the clocks 'Go Back' tonight, I thought he was sending them all back to the shop!

Well, the upshot of it all was, we got up a whole hour late and it was messing with my body clock!

Even Snowflake was put out and got into her travelling cage before OTL had put her harness on her!

When we got to the Car Park, we met up with Bonnie the Staffy who had been down to the vets for an operation on her claws, the one that you may think of as your thumb.

To stop her from licking the wound she had to wear a horrible plastic collar! I remember when I had to wear one, I hated it!

That must be horrible to wear!
 We left Bonnie to it and headed off to the beach and there was just enough colour to get an 'Interesting' shot of the sun on the water and Sid the Seagull flying past calling out that we were 'Late Today'!

'Sorry, can't stop, and Your Late today!'
We called out that it was OTL's fault but he was too far away to hear properly!

Having a rummage about on the beach, Holly found a dead crab that had a super sniff about it. As Holly was really getting into the sniff and about to have a lick, OTL spotted her and woofer out for her to leave it alone. Well, actually he woofed 'NO!' Holly was so surprised that she backed off straight away, especially when OTL told her that licking dead crabs would give her the Grumbly Tum!

It's a Grumbly Tum Crab!
We headed off up the Grass Path, having a sniff as we went but Snowflake was telling me off for stepping in her sniffs!

You've just messed up that sniff!
 I said sorry and trotted off to join Holly who was looking down the path at a couple of woofers we sometimes meet. I think that they take their Two Legs for a walk instead of him taking them 'cos they keep pulling him alone the path and he has trouble hanging onto the leads!

One of the woofers was fascinated by Snowflake and wouldn't follow her TL, instead she just stood there asking if the ferret tasted like chicken! 

'Come on, tells us, Does it Taste Like Chicken!'
Holly called back that it tasted like Pig Poo and the woofer seemed most disappointed in that!

We got back home and after the chores got done OTL set about getting the ceiling sorted out before our midday walk!

It was rather quiet out on the walk, that half a boat was still on the beach although someone had dragged it down to the waters edge, only to be washed further up the beach!

You still here?
May and April had fun sniffing in the grass, April says it's the best bit about the walk, May says a good poo is very satisfying as well!

Sniffing is the best!
 May was doing an experiment, she was counting up the number of Woofer Wees she could sniff between the beach and the car park, she managed to get up to ten but ran out of claws. She could have doubled that number but you see, she forgot about her back claws and of course she could have used her tail and ears as well!

We got back to find that it was still raining in Austin Texas and the motor racing Qualifying was called off half way through but we have got our claws crossed for the race at six.

Not sure what is for dinner tonight but I reckon there may be some shortbread, I know that 'cos OTL has a brand new bottle of Malt Whisky sitting on the bookcase next to his chair and there is only so much temptation he can take!

Now, Izzy, I've told The Missus to write to your TL about meeting up on the beach, we normally get down there between twelve thirty and one. It will be great fun and we will have the ferrets with us as well!

See you all tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Saturday with OTL and F1!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May here!

Wot a relaxing day!

We were up good and early 'cos The Missus wanted use of the car to go visit The Cat Woman and play at Glue Slapping. Well, what ever turns you on!

It wasn't cold at all down on the beach, even if it was just past dark! No sun rise 'cos there was too much cloud and it wasn't even good enough to try some B&W photography!

Miss Snowflake cuddled up in Old Two Legs arms and she even shoved her face under OTL's chin where it was nice and warm especially as OTL's beard is growing a bit!

When we got to the beach she was tearing off to get her 'Business' done and back to get another cuddle with OTL!

Oh! That's Better!
 OTL managed to stay ahead of her so it was a race back to the car!

At home Holly and I crashed out on the bed after a bowl of chicken each and we let the ferrets have a 'Rampage' around the house!

Once the 'chores' were done OTL had a little work to do on the computer and while he was working on one, the other was tuned into the F1 practise in Austin Texas.

It was very wet out there as they have a big storm passing through over the next couple of days so I think it will be a swimming race instead of a motor race!

We left them to it and drifted off to sleep on our new cushions in OTL's office, you know, they really are the Dogs Doo Dahs!

You know, before OTL brought them into the office, they were on the floor in the bedroom and Miss Snowflake curled up in the middle of mine and went to sleep!

This is the life, a soft cushion and a doggy biscuit!
Lunchtime they still hadn't got onto any serious practise and were instead just driving through the puddles so Holly and I told OTL we wanted to go out again. The ferrets were fast asleep, so it was fun to see OTL putting the harnesses of them while they were snoring their tails off!

Down on the beach Miss April was having fun searching under the sea weed when she jumped up and called out that she had found something that was 'Big and Slimy'!

It's Big and Slimy!
We rushed over to have a look but it had disappeared by the time we got there, so, maybe next time!

Back home OTL was filling some holes in the ceiling with filler 'cos he had drilled a couple of holes to let the water out that had dripped from the shower. As there are not more drips he feels safe enough to bung the holes up and give it a slosh of paint, the paint goes on tomorrow!

We are planning a lazy evening, creep onto OTL's lap and mug him for some of his pizza and then maybe some short bread!

Young Izzy maybe coming down to our part of the world and who knows, may even come for a run on our beach! Now, that will be fun, Izzy can tell us all about the sniffs in Cumbria and we can show where all the best sniffs are!

But what are you going to do with Molly the Cat, surely she isn't coming with you? Down here cats are 'Fare Game and get chased when ever we see one!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Just Too Many Woofers for Snowflake!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May here!

After yesterdays fun and game we stayed in bed a little longer this morning. Holly said that it was the Doggy Cake and Carrots and Shortbread and Muggings and Chicken Fillets and the Anti Hair Ball Nibbles from the Ferrets!

Staying in bed later means we meet up with all the woofers out for their early morning stroll. They were all there, from Bailey all the way down to little Bo who thought Holly was wonderful!

The Gathering!
Every one of them wished us a Happy Birthday for yesterday and we were told about some remedies for full tums!

The only one who wasn't enjoying her self was Miss Snowflake. She got chased by Poppy every time OTL put her onto the grass path. We even took another path back to the car but Poppy still followed us and ran after us every time she saw OTL bend down!

So, Snowflake got a short run today, mind you, she didn't mind too much 'cos she likes a cuddle with OTL and she can enjoy the sniffs from a lot higher up than normal!

We spent the morning on our new beds while OTL cleared up all the Ferret Poo and tidied up their cages.

OTL is getting a little worried about the bone growth on Snowflakes back, not that it is stopping her from charging about and playing games with OTL, it's just that it's getting bigger, so, tonight she is off to the vet for a 'Consultation' which means OTL will be crying again!

Lunch time it was still overcast but there was no wind and the wormy men were out digging holes again, which amused Miss May. She reckons they are potty digging all the worms up and then throwing them back when the tide comes in!

Why not just leave the worms in the ground?
Even though it wasn't raining and there was little or no wind, Miss April still tried to blag a ride back to the car. Having done her 'Stuff' she said there was no reason to be on her paws when OTL could quite easily carry her back!

I'm not moving at all, so you will have to carry me!
OTL was having none of that, he insisted she have a run along the grass path and enjoy the sniffs!

Mind you, April did try the old 'Poor Little Me' but that didn't work either!

If I don't get a carry, I'll cry!
In the end she got a carry off the beach but got put down when she got to the grass path!

OTL and Snowflake have just  left for the vet, I'm not sure who I feel most sorry for, Snowflake or OTL!

Let's hope there are no nasty needles!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.