Saturday, 28 March 2015

We Are The Champions!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and |Mr Brambles here again!

Wot a Day we have had! Poor Holly got the 'Grumbly Tum' last night and got Old Two Legs out of bed six times! We reckon the last two he was asleep 'cos he didn't bounce off the walls as he normally does!

This morning her tum was a lot better so Holly has been a Happy Puppy today.

Because OTL was sort of 'Out of It' due to lack of sleep and being overworked washing Holly's backside, he got all forgetful and forgot to pack our snooze cushions or get his curry out of the freezer ready for tonight!

So, we had to sleep on the cushion that is normally kept in the car!

Still, we did our guarding duty and kept all the Nargles away from the ferrets and OTL's camera gear!

Guard Duty!
We spotted that there was loads of raffle prizes on the tables. There was booze for the Two Legs and toys for the ferrets and chocolate stuff like that!

Loads of Prizes!
Best of all was the ferrets favourite stuff............Ferret Food!

Ferret's Favourite!
The most Prized Prize was an Acrylic Painting on canvas by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

It seems that the painting is always the first to go!

Highly Prized Prize!
Both ferrets were all Hyper Excited all day. The reason was, there was loads of ferrets all over the hall and the ferret sniff was amazing!

Mr Brambles was keeping an eye open to see if his son had come but we couldn't find him anywhere.

Loads of Ferret Sniffs!
There were a number of different sections for ferrets to enter, depending on what they were, Hobs or Jill's Albino, Polecat, Sandy, Coloured, etc.

Brambles and Snowflake got entered into the Disabled Sections and Mr Brambles also entered the Sandy Hob while Miss Snowflake was in the biggest section, the Albino Jill.

Each ferret was taken into the Judging room and given points for things like coat, teeth, clean ears, trim claws and stuff like that.

Waiting for the judges
 With so many sections and so many ferrets it was a bit slow at times, so there was plenty of time to talk to the other people with their ferrets and of course, ferret snoozes!

Tiring all this waiting lark!
 After all the judging was done the rosettes and certificates were handed out to the winners.

Mr Brambles got 4th place in the disabled Hob section

OTL's Dead Chuffed!
 Then Miss Snowflake managed 3rd place in the Disabled Jill section!

OTL's Tickled Pink!
 Then it was announced that Miss Snowflake had come 3rd in the Albino Jill section, the biggest section of the day!

OTL 'Over The Moon'!
OTL was well pleased with that one and kept picking Snowflake up and kissing her head and saying that she was a 'Clever Little Ferret'!

We hung up the rosettes on the cage to show off the prizes and the fact we got 'Champion Ferrets' here!

Here Be Champions!
 All the way home we were singing 'We are The Champions' and holding up the certificates!

We ended up with Doggy Scoff and OTL had to get a Kebab for his dinner, which Holly had a little nibble!

So, it's off to bed now 'cos the clocks go forward tonight but I don't think it will make much difference here 'cos I think we will all over sleep tomorrow, never mind missing an hours sleep as well!

So, bye bye for now and we'll see you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss (Double Champion) Snowflake and Mr 'Champion' Brambles.