Monday, 13 June 2011

We've been Mucky Puppies!

Hello to you all,

D&H back again on windy Monday!

We didn't get up until late today, that long F1 race yesterday had us on the edge of our seats all evening long and the final lap was amazing!

Good 'ole Jenson, at last he has got a bit of luck come his way for a change, position 21 when it restarted for the last time and he made it to the first across the line, wow!

Holly and me were talking about it late into the night, so that's why we were late in getting up this morning!

After our walk we spent most of the morning in our 'day bed' having a gentle snooze while OTL got on with sorting out a load of slide photographs from his dads collection. Most were of holidays his mum and dad took but there were some of OLT when he was a young man, that must be soooo long ago!

The Missus was talking about having an evening of showing these and wanted to know who would be buying the popcorn!

It will be interesting to see OTL with a full head of hair!

We had a good run at lunch time, all along the Sea Wall and along the beach.

Full Speed

We met up with couple of woofers we had met before and Holly got into trouble 'cos I was caught sniffing the tail of one !

In Trouble Again!
We had just had a run along the beach and I sort of 'wandered' into the muddy bit that is left after the tide goes out!

Mucky Me!
Well, as you have guessed, when we got home I was put in the kitchen sink and got washed all over my legs and my tummy!

When OTL had finished it was fun having a rush around the garden with Holly and pinching her rawhide chew. She does get so possessive about that chew!

The rest of the afternoon was spent catching up on our snoozing before dinner. Liver and nibbles with any luck!

How to Snooze with Style!

Zonked Out
Do we know how to snooze or Wot!

See you all tomrrow we are planing to try The Farm so OTL can try his Plant Clamp!

Bye bye for now.

Daisy & Holly(Washed & Brushed!)