Monday, 14 January 2013

Snowflake tries typing and TM comes on our walk!

Hi Ho Woofers!

561`675`It's the cxsvfcz\a

It's Uz Agin....?%****!

OK, Don't panic, Snowflake was telling Porkies when she said she could type as well as Old Two Legs and Me!

OK, where is F7?
 She says it's because her claws are too long! Too long for typing but normal for a ferret!

We had some fun this morning, we were just getting ready to go out, Holly had her coat on and Snowflake had gone back to bed, The Missus announced that she was coming with us for a walk along The Sea Wall!

Now that was strange but even stranger was her intention of doing some bird watching! I mean, you have to blend in with the surroundings to get to see birdies and rabbits an' stuff like that.

 We tried telling her but once she has got it into mind then there's no changing it!

Back home we had some fun stopping OTL from working, it's very easy you see. All we have to do is have Holly woof at the birds and for me to jump onto the back of his office chair and cuddle up to him.

No work, loads of cuddles and even Snowflake slept all morning!

Lunch time we were down the beach again but this time TM stayed at home. Holly reckons she got fed up with us laughing at her 'Camouflage Jacket'!

 Here we had a picture of TM in her jacket but OTL has been threatened with all manner of nasties if he didn't remove it!

TM in Camouflage!

We had our normal game of 'Chase The Ball' and even Holly joined in a couple of times!

Quick, Holly's got The Ball!
I did the 'Pick-up the ball and run into the grass' trick that made OTL grumble but he joined in the fun in the end.

He threatened to throw us both into the Sea!

Then Holly was going on about loosing so much weight with her Slimming Plan that she could fly further than I could and then set about showing us!

A Flying Holly!
OTL laughed at that and said even he could fly further than both of us put together, yeah, in his dreams!

Back home OTL spent the afternoon rearranging Snowflakes furniture. She has asked for a 'Downstairs Bed' and a feeding station and can OTL rearrange the access from the Lounge to the Down Stairs?

Well after much cursing and banging his head we have got it some where near to what Snowflake wants, but she is going to give it a try tonight and see what she thinks!

OTL let her out of the cage several times and it was fun watching Snowflake explore the office. She can now get from the desk top to the floor and run around OTL's feet without any help and she surprised him while he was 'Furniture Shifting'!

Holly is really feeling this diet thing, we got served 'Doggy Scoff' this morning and neither of us has touched it at all today. We have both tried begging and mugging but we couldn't get anything, not even a nibble!

Holly says that she may not last the night, Snowflake asked if Holly dies during the night, can she eat her?

Holly said that she was so hungry she fancied eating almost anything, including 'Ferret Sandwich'!

We may just have a nibble of Doggy Scoff late tonight, if we both don't fade away before then!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly & Snowflake (Who is not dieting!)