Monday, 14 May 2012

Dog Training!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

We had a good laugh this morning, we were out with Old Two Legs on the beach, doing what we do best, when we saw this two legs trying to train a spaniel to 'Fetch'

First of all he stood by the seaside and threw a 'pretend duck thing' into the water. Then in a loud voice said 'Fetch'

Fetch Doggy!
 The spaniel, being eager to please went flying into the water to get the 'Pretend Ducky Thing', swam a few feet out towards it, decided that he couldn't feel the bottom and realising it was just too cold for this sort of thing, turned around and went back to shore!

It's Too Cold In There, If you Want it, You Fetch It!
The two legs tried to get the spaniel to go out again and again but the dog had more sense and we heard him say that if the two legs wanted it so much, he could go and get it himself!

Around lunch time it all changed, in goes the sun and down comes the rain!

Back to normal!

We were listening to the weather forecast on the TV and the woman said that we had two wet weeks at the beginning of the month, Yeah! And? Then she said that the last two weeks looked like being the same!

How to cheer you up in one easy lesson!

What happened to The Merry Merry Month of May?

More like The Soggy Soggy Month of May!

OTL has booked a skip to load up with all that soil in the garden, he has ordered a 3m one, just in case the 1&1/2m was not big enough. (He thinks big does OTL!)

Just one small problem, he has tried to get The Missus to help him load it up.

She said that the second word was OFF!

Well, at least he won't get too hot shovelling it all, the rain will keep him cool!

Off to mug OTL for some of his dinner then a snooze before cuddling up to OTL for our 'Before Bed Snooze'

Bye bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly