Tuesday, 31 March 2015

We have been nurses today!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

Well, we had so much planned for today, photographing our framed masterpiece, finish off the VAT Return, get some pictures printed on the new printer. Then there was all the normal stuff like mugging Old Two Legs and chasing Holly around the house and pinching The Missuses breakfast then go out for our midday walk and chase rabbits and Nargles!

But it didn't work out like that!

 When we woke up we found TM still in bed and snoring, and this was at seven fifteen!

 Holly got up on the bed and gave her a shove but all she got was a 'I Don't Feel Well'!

Oh dear!

Seems like TM has picked up a flu bug from someone up at the Daventry Bash!

Still, at least we know where TM will be all day, in bed!

Holly and I stood guard while OTL fixed breakfast for her, two paracetamols and a glass of water. Then it was breakfast for the ferrets followed by our morning walk!

It wasn't cold but it was windy, in fact so windy that OTL had to pull his hat right down over his head!

Holly said he looked like he was sinking!

Looks like OTL's Head is sinking!
 Mr Brambles was jumping around with excitement, he found his rock again!

As you know, he thinks that someone pinched hi special rock and ran off with it but this morning he found it again.

He said it had been hiding under a ton of sea weed!

Hello Mr Rock! Where have you been?
Miss Snowflake pointed out that there was a bit more sea weed around than normal, maybe there had been a storm in the night that had re arranged all the sea weed, and rocks!

We don't normally see this much weed.
Bramble had to go around to each of us and say he was sorry he had accused us of pinching his rock!

Sorry I thought you had pinched my rock.
Back home it was all busy busy clearing stuff up and getting TM her medicine from the pharmacy, then over to the butchers to get our Ox Heart and a pigs foot for the ferrets!

OTL was told by one of the judges at the ferret show that a beef bone would help when they gnawed on it, the butcher didn't have any beef bones but he had a a pigs front leg that he chopped up and we will see what the ferrets make of that!

Lunchtime down on the beach, the tide was going out but the wind was blowing the water back again, this of course stirred up all the muddy bottom and the water looked yuk!

Seriously Muddy Waters!
Back home to more work, well, Holly and I got up on the bed and made sure TM had her sleep and took her medicine and her bowl of soup!

OTL cooked up a portion of the Ox Heart which Holly and I made short work of!

Mind you, we have a good meal today and tomorrow it's Doggy Scoff again!


I have decided to have a little rest after doing the blog, so I've left Holly on the bed watching TM!

See you tomorrow and OTL has promised to have a go at our 'Framed Masterpiece' and he has to find the Circular Polarizer as well to help 'Get Rid of The Glass'.

Sounds too Technical for me!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles and his Rock!