Thursday, 3 October 2013

A Grim Day full of Grave Depressions!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again in the wilds of Norfolk!

What a day we have had! This morning we saw our first squirrel in the camp site!

Now there used be loads of the little things running about but last year they were all eradicated, (shot) by the Forestry Commission 'cos they were attacking the cars and eating bits of the cars!

So this year when we are out sniffin' around, no squirrels!

That was until this morning!

Old Two Legs was having his breakfast and I was resting on the cushions behind his back, when, across the roadway, sticking it's nose out of the bushes, was a squirrel! I couldn't believe my eyes! It hopped and skipped it's way across to the middle of the roadway and sat there looking at me!

I was gob smacked, I couldn't do anything but look at it!

Then it stuck it's tongue out and that broke the spell, I went potty, woofing and howling and doing my 'Squirrel Chasing' dance all across OTL's breakfast!

Holly looking for the Squirrel!
OTL was not very happy!

I've not seen the squirrel since but now that I know he is about I'll be watching for him!

You can also bet that he has his mates around as well, just waiting for the next car to arrive!

After doing all his chores, OTL loaded the car up with his camera gear and looked like he was about to go off and leave us in the caravan. Back he came to the caravan door and said 'Goodbye' to The Missus. Holly was sitting there at the door looking up with her best 'Can I Come as Well?' look on her chops. I did the same but from the seat by the window.

That was it, he couldn't stand the look in our eyes and said 'Pass the Lead'

We were off!

The plan was to visit Grimes Graves down the road a bit. Now, we had seen the signs but didn't really know why OTL wanted to visit a graveyard!

When we got there it looked really strange! The ground looked like the surface of the moon, all depressions and craters!
Jus' look at these old holes!
We headed off to the 'Visitors Centre' and OTL had to pay some money to the man behind the cash register and in exchange he was given a booklet and instructions to go into the 'Interactive Display Room'.

We all piled in and OTL started to press buttons to start some recordings of the description of the site.

It seems that the site was names Grime Graves after the Anglo-Saxon god Woden or Grim. It's where we get Wednesday or Wodens Day from!

Now these are not real graves but instead they are the remains of Flint Mines dug in the Stone Ages, in fact the Neolithic (5000 years ago!)

Holly and I had great fun chasing around looking for rabbits and sniffin' down their holes but none came out to play.

Come out Mr Rabbit!
We would have had more fun if OTL had let us off the lead but a notice at the gate had told us that dogs had to be kept on leads!

Come on, let us off the lead!
Of course, while we were sniffin about, OTL spotted some fungi, so there he was, on his belly, trying to get a good shot of the fungi while we were pulling on the lead trying to get to the next rabbit hole!

A Grim Fungi!
In the end he tied us to a bit of a tree root that was sticking out of the ground!

This is just Not Fair!
After we had been around the site a couple of times and chased a couple of imaginary rabbits, we got put back into the car!

Now, we didn't like that, especially when OTL locked the car and headed back to the visitors centre!

Next thing we see is OTL with a red plastic hat on, climbing down into the ground on a ladder!

It's a long way back up!
Well, he disappeared into the ground and didn't come back up for at least half an hour!

When he did get back to the car he told us all about the hole and what he had seen down there and how he had stood where Neolithic man had stood 5,000 years ago!

The hole was about 10m deep and there were galleries leading off to the sides where the miners had followed the flint layer deeper into the ground.

See the galleries?
On the way down into the hole you could see the flint in the walls.

See the Flint in the walls.
Looked a bit scary to us and Holly wondered if there were any rabbits that deep?

It's a Long way down!
Before too long, OTL had finished looking at the hole and had come back to us, all safe but a little  grubby where he had been crawling about in the chalk!

Off we went for another wander around the pits and he found a Puff Ball fungi growing and we didn't find any rabbits!
Baby Puffball
By the way, we have a Tank mounted at the entrance to our camp site and I thought you may be interested in seeing it. Say Hello to Little Audrey !

Little Audrey
Back at the caravan TM had been playing about with her cards again and had produced a card using kitchen foil, it don't look too bad. Now she is looking for thicker foil to make another one!

I can sniff chicken being cooked, so we know what is for dinner tonight!

See you tomorrow, and we may be back down the beach again!


Daisy & Holly