Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunday and Bear Hunting!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly again in sunny Scotland!

As it is Sunday we have had a sort of 'Lazy Day', which makes a change 'cos we normally have 'Busy Days'!

We were late in getting up and enjoyed a super 'After Wake Up Snooze' while Old Two Legs had a shower and brushed what is left of his hair!

Then, once he had finished his breakfast of 'Rabbit Food' as he calls it, we went up to the forest and along the new road right up to the end.

The End!
There were loads of sniffs of rabbits and foxes and badgers and bears and wolves and deer!

Me Hunting Bear!
So you see, we had a lot to sniff at!

On our way back, we met up with a rather dopey spaniel type dog who was rather busy digging roots up from trees that have been felled, I told you he was dopey!

Well, anyway, it seems that his owners moved up to Tobermory about eleven years ago from their house in Sheerness, just across the river from where we go for our stroll along The Sea Front!

Small world!

We didn't tell them about where we think the bear lives, just in case we were wrong!

Here be Bears!
Back at the caravan OTL decided to have a lazy day as well, so no driving to mountains or big beaches where there are loads of rabbits, instead he read his magazines and snoozed!

That was until lunchtime, MacHolly and I decided we had been good doggies all morning and now we wanted to go out for a run, a good long run, somewhere we hadn't been before!

Before long we were off in the car and down the road to Loch Frisa.

This is the place where until a couple of years ago, a pair of Sea Eagles were nesting alongside the loch and the RSPB ran trips up to a shed that they called a hide, so people can see the birds. The only trouble was, it was so far away that all you could see was a grey sort of dot sitting on a branch!

OTL reckons you would have had to be using a telescope like the Hubble Telescope to see anything!

Loch Frisa but No Eagles!
Then the nest fell down or the tree fell over, but now there are no eagles nesting there.

So, the RSPB have lifted the hide up and moved it to another site where there are nesting eagles and OTL is going to have a look at them next week some time!

Well, we ran all over the place chasing the sniffs and MacHolly and I even went into a big garden where we had a good sniff, until OTL came and put us on our lead and took us back out to the road again, yep, we were in trouble again!

We soon got let off the lead again, just the other side of the cattle grid!

More sniffs!

We didn't see any eagles, just a few buzzards floating on the thermals and some sparrows and blue tits!

When we got back to the car we were both worn out and wanted to get back to the caravan for a drink, a bit of breakfast we had left and of course a snooze!

You just can't beat a snooze on a Sunday!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy & MacHolly (All worn out!)