Wednesday, 16 January 2013

OTL's a Thousand Years Old Today!

Hello Woofers!

D,H & S back with you today!

It was cold this morning, like extra cold! We went out for our walk with Old Two Legs and guess what? That's right, The Missus stayed in bed and refused to get up! So much for the 'I'll come with you for a walk 'cos I want the exercise'!

We woke OTL up good and early to day 'cos his telephone alarm woke us up! The alarm was to wish himself Happy Birthday, sad or wot!

That meant we were out for our walk early, hence TM not wanting to get out of bed!

The temperature was minus three degrees Celsius!

Of course, OTL was looking for deep frost but surprisingly there was very little of it about on the Sea Wall, just the remnants of last years spiders web!

Last of the Webs!
 As the tide was out, OTL was throwing the ball as hard as he could and I was having fun chasing it, trouble is, OTL is not very accurate when he throws it and normally it lands on the beach, which is a pain in the tail 'cos I have to jump down onto the cold pebbles! After a while I got fed up with all this jumping and tried to get Holly to fetch the ball but she wasn't interested and suggested that if OTL wants it, then he should go and get it!

If he wants it then he can get it!
 We met up with Ellie the Staffy and she was wagging her tail at OTL, as normal, she's a Tart!

OTL was more interested in finding frosty bits and I told him that my tails was feeling frosty, but it wasn't the same!

Another frosty picture!
 We had Chicken and Biscuits when we got back, plus, a spoon full of Doggy Scoff for 'Afters', but we didn't touch that!

OTL gave Snowflake a raw chickens leg, minus the needle bone, and after she had eaten half of it, she spent the morning snoozing!

........and a tummy full of chicken!
Our lunch time walk was a bit cold as well, Holly didn't want to get out from under TM's fleece where she had spent the last few hours, snoozing and woofing at the birds in the garden!

Out we went though, just to keep OTL happy and especially as he had got all dress up in his wind proofs as well!

We met up with Erik down on The Sea Wall, now here is a dog that never seems to get cold during the winter, his fur is about five foot thick!

Hey Girls, warm today innit?
 With fur that thick it's a wonder he could even sit down!

On the way back home OTL swerved off the road and jumped out of the car to get a picture of a cloud that looked like it was on fire!

Hot Cloud!
We got back and you know what? That Snowflake was still asleep! We can't wait for her harness to turn up, then she will have to come out with us for a walk!

Can't wait!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly and Snowflake (Still snoozing!)