Saturday, 10 September 2016

Three walk day!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here!

Well, what a fun Saturday! We started off this morning with The Missus pinching the car to take all her stuff up the village hall for the 'Master Class'. It was lucky that we had taken our bed and water bowl out before she loaded it all up, well, just think of the glitter and glue that could have been hiding in the bed! I mean, we'd have a Glittery Butt and a sticky nose!

Down on the beach the tide was on the turn and I just fancied having a little 'Splash' but Old Two Legs said that we were going out and if I did dip my claws in the water I would have to stay at home!

.....but they are having a swim!
 Holly Chops, as usual, was staying well away from the water and just wandering along the Sea Wall.

I don't do wet!
Miss May was enjoying the sniffs with us, she has a good nose for sniffs, even though most are Ferret type of sniffs, you know, Weasels and Stoats and Mouses and Shrews and stuff like that!

Look! It's a Shrew wee trail and it's just behind you!
Holly was interested in the technical side of Weasels sniffs 'cos she reckons that they are very similar to Ferret sniffs. May confirmed that Weasels were part of the family and maybe that is why there was a similarity!

yeah, and we got Otters and Skunks and Pole Cats in the family as well!
Back home we had a snooze while OTL did the cages and then we were off to pickup a new adding machine that OTL had given to his bookkeeper but for some reason it wasn't working. When we got there OTL had a fiddle but couldn't make it work so he brought it back home for 'Further Investigation'!

While we were on our way back we got close to Riverside Park which has some super sniffs 'cos it is surrounded by sea weed and mud!

Serious sniffs!

We got home and OTL said that it was time for the ferrets to have a walk so it was out again and we also had the promise that we could call into the Village Hall to say hello to all the Glitter Girls there.

TM had said OTL could arrive after one to say hello but Freddy and Wendy were a bit slow getting off the beach.

Come on, the Village Hall is full of stuff to mug, especially at lunchtime!
Well, we got to the Village Hall about a quarter to two and there was TM waxing lyrical about glue slapping! That was just not on! I mean, we got loads of strokes and we said hello to Archie Babes Mum and there was loads of strokes from the ladies.

But No Food!

Fred and Wendy got strokes and tickles as well but we could see that there really wanted to get on with their glue slapping!

TM said she had some treats for us from Archie Babe and we just feel like 'Lucky Puppies', I mean, Archie is very naughty but we all send big thanks and licks!

OTL says he thinks there is Curry tonight, so that means we may get a bit of Nan Bread dipped in the juice!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.