Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A Couple of degrees drop and Holly has a Double!

Hello Woofers!

Here we are, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Did you notice it was a couple of degrees cooler last night, just about right for sleeping!

Old Two Legs was certainly enjoying his sleep when I decided to give his ear a lick at three thirty this morning!

Holly says I've 'Got a Thing' about ears!

Me? Ears? no, not me, it's just OTL's ear that calls out to me, especially the left one!

Ooooh! That left ear does something to me, I just can't leave it alone!

The run along the Sea Wall was great, there was a breeze blowing in off the sea which stopped us getting too hot and we even met up with that Bozo called Mercedes, or Merc, as his owner calls him!

He spotted us first and then came lolloping over to OTL to get his tickle under the chin and behind his ears. I bet he would love OTL's left ear as well if OTL let him get close to it!

It's that Bozo Mercedes!
Down on the beach the tide was still out, so no swimming for us doggy' but the ferrets did a paddle in the rock pools.

Miss Snowflake was demonstrating how to run through rock pools and puddles without getting your underside wet!

You jus' lifts yer tummy up and through you go!
I said that it was OK for a ferret to do 'cos her tummy was all flat and sleek but someone like Holly would have trouble keeping her tummy above her knees!

Talking of Holly Dog, we were having a look at Mike's Blog and following his travels around the UK and we spotted a picture on his last post that we reckon is Holly's double, only with a bit more fur!

Have a look and see what we mean!

Is it a Grumpy Holly or Max being serious?
Back home for some OX Heart, still hot out of the oven! Now that's what I call food, not that Doggy Scoff rubbish we were forced to eat yesterday!

We bet Archie Babe doesn't have to eat that stuff, we reckon he is served his dinner on proper china bowl with the biscuits 'Hand Rolled' into his meat!

Not like wot we get!

It's hard life we lead here and if it wasn't for OTL taking us for really good walks and adventures, we would run away and leave home, maybe tomorrow!

Lunchtime it was back to the beach again 'cos the tide was in and I just fancied a swim!

Body Surfin'
I found a big stick and OTL threw it in the water for me a few times! it was great, especially when Holly saw the size of it and said that she would leave it to me and then off she went 'Sniffin' the Sniffs'!

I was having a great time and after a while I was getting a bit puffed, so OTL and I hid the stick above the high water mark, all ready for the next time!

Is this a Stick or is it A STICK!
OTL took this picture and I reckon it shows how alike she and Max are, except Holly looks happier!

Is it Max or Happy Holly?
OTL was taking this picture when Holly and I spotted a rabbit and gave chase. OTL took the picture then looked around for us but we had gone!

Look, there goes the Woofers!
This was the only insect picture he managed 'cos the rest of his time was searching for us! Needless to say, OTL was not a 'Happy Puppy' and we got marched back to the car!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.