Friday, 18 February 2011

Thursday means it's nearly the weekend!

Hello fans,

Daisy & Holly here again.

You will be glad to hear that Holly is feeling a little better this morning and has been eating and drinking, which is always a good sign!

Last night while we were asleep, she didn't make it into the garden, and did not bark to go out, so TM had a little clearing up to do this morning on the kitchen floor!

We got Old Two Legs to take us out for a run this morning over the football field which was OK, not so 'rush about' as over the fields but we didn't want Holly to wear herself out!

I let her sleep in my day bed with my blanket over her, the blanket gave me a feeling of security and comfort, it seems to work with Holly as well.

Mind you, if we can find a coat from TM or OTL, that's much better, it's the smell as well y'know!

Holly with my blanket!

OTL has to go out today so it is TM who will take us out and she has promised to take us down the beach, if it's not raining.

There might be some serious smells we can roll it!

Well, we never made it to the beach, Holly has not been herself and spent most of the day curled up with TM on the sofa.

We made a big fuss of OTL when he got back 'cos we missed him and missed the games he plays with us.

OTL stayed up late again with Holly and made sure she could get into the garden when she needed to and about two in the morning we three went to bed.

OTL has said that it looks like Holly is off to the vet in the morning, more thermometers up your bottom time!

I'll let you know what happens tomorrow!

Bye bye for now,

Daisy & Holly