Monday, 31 October 2011

Shampoo & Set Day

Hello Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly back with you again!

We had a small 'Rebellion' this morning, we knew that we were off to the 'Parlour' today for our Shampoo & Set, and, as The Missus was taking us out for our early morning walk, we decided that a really good chase across The Fields would get us set up for the day, and give the 'Parlour' some work to do to earn their money!

Back we came, covered in mud, from the pads on our paws up to the bend in our knees, I mean, black, sticky, lumps of mud. All of it stuck to our fur, it was great, that will give them something to wash off!

Trouble was, Old Two Legs came down from the office and saw what a fine mess we were in and commanded, 'Washing time for you two!

So, there we were, up to our knees in warm soapy water getting all that lovely mud washed off!

Breakfast finished with, we were both put in the car and off we went to the 'Parlour'. At first we didn't recognise the place, all the woofing from the dogs in the kennels, then it dawned on us!

I jumped up at OTL's leg and tried my best 'Please don't leave me here' look but he just gave me a rub on my haunches and told me to be a big brave girl.

I didn't feel like a big brave girl, in fact it was as much as I could do not to start whimpering and crying!

The details are unimportant, but in the end both Holly and I looked 'The Business', clean, blow dried, smelling of something the Two Legs like to sniff and our claws were trimmed to just the right length.

Two thirty came and we were taken from the cage where we were having a snooze and there was OTL & TM waiting for us!

That was it, we were out the door in a flash!

Back safe in the car we gave OTL and TM a good 'Hello' lick then Holly said 'Let's get the Woof out of here!' Which was OK 'cos the next stop was the Doggy Shop, wonderful sniffs there, the layout had been changed and they had a vet in there as well!

We stayed well clear of the vet but helped OTL choose some biscuits and some sausages for our 'Christmas Card Photo Shoot' tomorrow.

We had great fun last year doing the shoot and managed to get through all the sausages before we did our famous 'Cute Puppy Pose'

Christmas Card Photo 2010

We will be saving the picture for Christmas, so no peaking in the files hoping to catch a preview! However, we may show you how it was set up, that's always good for a laugh!

Well, we certainly had some fun doing it last year , so this year should be a right hoot!

Sorry there is no photo's today but what with the 'Parlour' and all that stuff there was not enough time!

Watch out for tomorrows tale (tail?) it will make up for today!

Bye bye for now, chicken and biscuits are calling!


Daisy & Holly

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Pop, Bang, Hide & Seek and the threat of a shampoo!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again!

After I uploaded the blog yesterday, Holly and me snuggled down with Old Two Legs for a snoozy evening, when all of a sudden there was a terrific Boom and Bang and Pop and Wheeze! That was it, Holly and me started woofing at the noise and OTL and The Missus joined in as well.

We know what it is, it's those nasty fireworks that the Two Legs like making them explode and upset us doggies!

I'm not too bothered by the noise but Holly gets upset and although she was not barking she was still shivering 'cos she was frightened by the noise. OTL says that there could be a few nights of this noise and we should make sure Holly is not left alone at night and given plenty of cuddles!

Nasty Pop Bangs should be banned!

Today we were up early to watch the F1 racing and Jenson came in second and poor old Lewis was left back in sixth. He was not a happy bunny!

Talking of bunnies, we went out for our morning walk along the Sea Wall but before we got there we were chasing around looking for rabbits. Holly nearly caught one, but it dashed down its hole and left Holly woofing at the brambles!

Bunny Gone
Just for a change, we turned left and went along the beach where there were loads of concrete things sticking up, Holly and I played at Hide 'n' Seek with OTL!


They looked all fierce and pointy just like Dragons Teeth and OTL says they have been there a long time.

Dragons Teeth!
We went to the very end, well as far as we could go without climbing over the fence! Not only was there a fence but there was some stuff OTL called 'Barbed Wire', that was the old stuff and the new stuff is called 'Razor Wire', nasty looking stuff, if you got caught on that I reckon it would hurt!

Razor Wire

Even up this far there were fishermen getting ready for when the tide came in, so we stayed away from their fishing rods!

On the way back we found piles of sand, OTL reckons that they were 'in storage' but we think they are just big pies of sand to make rabbit homes!

Another thing, someone has been messing about with the clocks! Last night someone visited our house and turned all he clocks back by one hour! What was worse, we didn't even hear them! Not too good when we are supposed to be guarding the house!

Tomorrow it's the 'Shampoo & Set', unless OTL forgets!

Fat chance!

Bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Saturday, 29 October 2011

F1 and a Cloudy Saturday

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again.

We have been a pair of lazy puppies today, up late 'cos we felt like it and Old Two Legs was still snoring when The Missus dragged us off the bed to go for a walk!

We were soon back and up stairs with OTL finishing off our 'after get up snooze', OTL was having one as well! It was either that or he was watching the F1 Qualifying with his feet up on the desk top!

A mid morning snooze got us set up for a walk down the New Park 'cos we wanted to see the Not Not's again, but OTL said we must not upset them 'cos one day they may jump over the fence and tell us off! 

Haa! Do you think we were scared of those woolly jumpers? Not us!

We asked a passing dog if he had seen the Not Not's and he said that they were down the other end of the field.

Seen any Not Not's?
Off we went at a gallop down the field but they were not there!

Looking for a Not Not.
Sneaky Not Not had gone back home for their afternoon tea!

Next we got to the Swimming Hole were we had our ' Last Swim of the Year'

Last swim of 2011!
As we were finishing, a doggy got dragged down to the waters edge and was given a good wash down, he said he had just had a super roll in some fox poo and had got caught!

Poor lad!

Leave a little poo, just for old times sake!
OTL took another picture of some leaves and The Watchers.

Spot The Watchers!
We played 'chase' with the ball again and landed up at a gate where we cold see some 'Greasy Badgers' but these were made of wood and were in fact play toys for the children!

Look! A Badger!
It wasn't long before we got home where TM had done us some chicken and biscuits!

All we need to do now is mug OTL for some shortbead and it will have been the perfect day!

Up early tomorrow, F1 from India and OTL has some gardening to do.

We may help him by digging some holes in the front garden!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly

Friday, 28 October 2011

Neds & Leaves & a Quick Paddle!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again.

You will be pleased to know that I am feeling a lot better today, the old tummy has stopped grumbling. However, Holly has got the 'Grumbly Tummy' and on top of that Old Two Legs was back to the Two Leg Vet 'cos his ear is still hurting.

I reckon all he needs is a good licking and his ear would be sorted but instead, he has got another pack of pills to take over the next week!

Holly is a bit cuddly with OTL, but then I can understand that, a 'Grumbly Tummy' does that.

We went out with OTL doing some deliveries and then we were off to the New Park! You see, we have got fed up with chasing squirrels and rabbits and fancied a change!

We were singing our walking songs as we got close to the park, it was great fun listening to OTL trying to join in the chorus!

Well, the first thing we saw was the Not Not Neddies standing just the other side of the fence. So, being polite little puppies, we went over to say 'Hello'.

Not Not Neddy Not talking to us!
The first Not Not just stood there and refused to say 'Good Afternoon', in fact all it did was to 'whistle', which is their way of being rude, and soon it was joined by another who also just 'whistled' at us.

Another Not Not Neddy not talking to us either!

Well, just how rude can you be?

We left them and had a game with OTL, chasing the ball and each other. OTL wanted to take some pictures of the trees.

Tree picture.
Another tree picture!
So while he was doing that we went of looking for anything that we could chase, rabbits, squirrels or Pheasants or even each other!

Going like the Clappers!

We even mannged to get in OTL's picture as well, OTL calls it Monochrome in Colour!

On the way back we had a look at the swimming hole and decided that we wouldn't go in today 'cos it was getting a little cold!

If you throw the ball in there you can just get it yourself!
But we couldn't resist ust a little paddle to remind us of summer!

It's a bit cold, shall we get out now?
Then it was off back to the car, past the orchard.

The Orchard.
Off back to The Missus and a super dinner and an early night.

Bye bye for now, us sleepy puppies are off to bed!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Enuff of Squirrels!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again.

Not a good night, I had the old Tummy Rumbles that indicate I have eaten something I should have left alone, something I might have picked up in the bushes!

About three this morning I had to woof for Old Two Legs to get out of bed and let me into the garden. Holly came as well 'cos she wanted a wee!

When we went back into the house, there was OTL doing a 'Kit Inspection'.

Well, what he does is to grab hold of our back end and lift our legs off the ground to see if we have the old 'Grubby Bottom' syndrome.

I had the 'Grubby Bottom'!

So there I was, at three thirty last night, up on the sink having my bottom shampooed and towel dried!

I must say that I felt better after it had all been done and we got back to bed, but it was all a bit embarrassing, standing there, with my tail in the air, back legs apart and OTL washing and inspecting the bits that I don't normally let anyone near, except OTL and the vet with his thermometer of course!

This morning all I wanted to do was to have a sleep on OTL's bed where I could still sniff where he was sleeping last night. It's sort of comforting when you don't feel a 100% right.

So I snoozed on all morning!

Lunch time we had a run down to the Sea Wall.

Magpie going home out of the rain!
It was OK but there was a steady drizzle of rain and we got wet and that didn't make me feel any better either!

Wet Innit?
Didn't see any rabbits and even the other dogs we normally see, were tucked up in their baskets at home in the warm.

Y'know we could be at home in the warm!
So, we told OTL we wanted to go back home and off we went, back to a Lamb Mince and Rice Lunch, something light for when we have an upset tummy!

Having our 'after lunch snooze' we didn't even hear OTL go out to do some deliveries!

Still it was good when he got back and we had a little game of 'chase' around the lounge and up and down the stairs!

We hope tomorrow is better and are keeping our claws crossed for our trip down to Canterbury, but only if my tummy has settled down!

Another thing to look forward to is the F1 racing! Brrrrm Brrrrm!

Hey, next Monday OTL says we're off for a 'shampoo & set'..........and I thought it could not get worse!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Hey! Wot! it's Wednesday Again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again and all of a sudden it's Wednesday!

Time is galloping along here, turn around and another week has flown by, I blame the squirrels myself, Holly reckons it's the rabbits and Old Two Legs blames old age!

The Missus is out all day, again, but she seems to enjoy herself making a mess with her card making. Glitter and glue pots flying everywhere!

We went down the Sea Wall and chased the rabbits but they heard us coming and were just sneaking down their holes as we came around the corner of the brambles. Holly was going so fast she couldn't stop in time and crashed into the bushes, legs and tail everywhere!

Back home for a super chicken and biscuits breakfast, after a brush to get the twigs and stuff out of our fur.

OTL chops the chicken up into small bits that are easy to eat and he also leaves the skin on the meat, real tasty that is! A handful of mixer biscuits just finishes it off to perfection. Of course, a freshly filled bowl of clean clear cold water to wash down the chicken puts the cherry on the top!

We then retired to the office where OTL is messing about with bits of paper and we have a lovely 'after breakfast snooze' in our day beds. Waking only to give a woof to the post man and a couple of noisy children going past the front of the house. It won't be long then they will all be back at school, OTL doesn't agree with half term holidays, too much noise!

That is a good reason why OTL took us back to The Forest 'cos we were making too much noise, woofing and grumbling and whining!
Holly and I had a plan!

When we got there, we rushed up the path looking for signs that squirrels had been about, I had a sniff and Holly had a sniff and we even asked OTL if he would have a sniff, but there were no squirrel sniffs to be had at all!
Can you sniff a squirrel here?

At one time I thought I saw one and dashed off into the forest, but it turned out to be a Magpie who just blew raspberries at me and call me names!

I think I saw something!
Holly and I put our plan into action, she hid behind the trees and then the fence and watched across the forest floor for any movement. We had worked out a series of VLW's (Very Low Woofs) that would indicate where the squirrel was. I went into hiding and OTL went potty whistling for me to 'come back' from out of the bushes.

Holly doing the 'Sneaky Watch'
 He made such a noise, and anyway, I didn't take any notice of him!

That was not going to help our squirrel hunting, so we held a committee meeting and decided that because  OTL was shouting so much, he was scaring the squirrels away, so, a little wet and grubby, we gave up on the hunt and headed back to the car.

I think they know we are here!
When we got back to the car I asked OTL if we could have the heated seat switched on as we go home 'cos Holly and I were a little wet!

I feel a little Grubby!
OTL made a big fuss about our muddy paws all over the seats and then, at the same time, a woman knocked on the car window to find out what birds OTL had seen!

So, when OTL opened the window, I jumped onto his lap and said hello to the woman, I also left big wet muddy paw prints all over OTL's lap!

Before we left I took a look out the back of the car and shouted 'I know your there, I'll be back!'

I'll Be Back!

I'm sure I heard a squirrel laughing, away off in the distance!

Back for some dinner and a cuddle with OTL to help him look after his shortbread!

Bye for now!


Daisy (I've got a plan) & Holly (I've got a Grumbly Tummy!)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Squirrels Fight Back!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with further adventures in The Forest!

Old Two Legs over slept this morning, he didn't wake up until it was nearly eight! All the jumping up and scrambling out of bed woke us up!

He had to get up 'cos the postman was banging on the door with a parcel for The Missus!

We made sure OTL made good use of getting up, we bullied him to go out and went for a walk down by the Sea Wall where we woofed at all the seagulls!

Later we went out delivering OTL's stuff and ended up at The Forest again.

OK, Round Two with the Squirrels!

First of all we had to find them, which is not as easy as you would think!

On our way to a Squirrel Hunt!
To start off we didn't see any at all, so I went deep into the undergrowth sniffin for them!

Sniffin for Squirrel Nuts!
Well, what you need to do is sniff for their nuts, you see they bury nuts in the ground and save them for winter time when all the shops are shut and they get a bit peckish and want a nibble during the night!

I was well away, following the trail of nuts when all of a sudden, from up in the trees, came a big yell and several chestnuts landed on the ground near me and one hit me on the head!

The squirrels were throwing nuts at us!

OK, who threw that?
It got a bit scary, we didn't know where the next nut was coming from, it was like they were using mortars to send the nuts onto us!

Holly took to a lookout post to warn me about 'In coming' when ever she spotted a squirrel in the tree!

On guard against 'In coming'!
It was getting a bit hairy, so we decided to go on the attack and Holly took to chasing the squirrels up in the trees while I kept charging around creating diversions!

Holly chasing the squirrels in the trees.
Then all of a sudden, it all stopped, all the squirrels disappeared and we were wondering what was going to happen next!

They have retreated!
Holly reckoned they had all retreated, so, taking advantage of the lull in activity, we headed back to the car in double quick time!

When TM came back from her day out we told her all about the squirrels and she said we should try to make friends with them instead of chasing them. Huh! She obviously has no idea of the fun we had!

Holly and me are going to have to come up with a better plan, so we are of to bed early tonight to discuss it over a chew and a pack of chicken fillets!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly

Monday, 24 October 2011

Off to The Forest Hunting Squirrels!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

We have spent today looking after Old Two Legs 'cos he is still not very well. His ear still hurts but he did get at least two hours sleep last night, so we think the pills are working.

The Missus had to go out all day today so we were told to be on our best behaviour and to look after OTL.

Would we do anything else?

Well, as soon as TM left we went tearing up stairs and jumped up and down on the bed to wake him up, too much sleep is not good for a bad ear you know!

Soon we had him in the car and down to the Sea Wall, a good long walk should help to blow the cobwebs away!

Back home where we let him get on with his work for a little while and then some lunch followed by a run into town to do his deliveries and stuff.

As it was a good afternoon we decided that a trip to The Forest would be a good idea, especially as the leaves were all turning that golden colour, very pretty and OTL likes taking pictures of the trees like that.

OTL looking for squirrels!
 While he was wandering around with his eyes in the sky and tripping over the tree roots, I spotted a squirrel!

Look! Squirrels!
It was big and mean and ugly and was threatening to throw nuts at OTL, so, what is a loyal puppy supposed to do?

Protect the Master of course!

So there was Holly and me, dashing through the trees woofing those nasty old squirrels away from OTL. We chased them and Holly even tried running up the tree trunks to make them go away!

Ssh! There's one behind this tree!

The one that got away!
By the time we got back to the car we were all exhausted, us from running and OTL from just walking!

Holly, Super Squirrel Chaser and Tree Climber!
Well, he is getting old and I suppose his ear doesn't help him!

Back home for some chicken dinner and a cuddle before bed.

Now tomorrow we may go to the New Park as we haven't been there for some time and I may even get a swim, if it's not too cold!

But on the other paw, we may just go back to The Forest again for a rematch with the squirrels!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly (Squirrel Chasers to The Stars!)

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Our Birthday Party!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again and are we having fun today!

First of all we have been cuddling Old Two Legs who is still hurting, in fact he hardly slept at all last night. At least we didn't feel too bad about woofing to go out at midnight and two and four this morning!

We left him at home and were taken over to The Boys house, we had been brushed and looked real smart in our new collars!

When we got there we found loads of people there, all singing 'Happy Birthday' and I gave Ethan a lick on the nose and he licked me back!

Tom, Ethan, Finley & Me
We got to play in the garden with all the boys and as a special birthday present, we got a goody basket made for us doggies, you could not only eat everything in the basket, but you could eat the basket as well!

We can eat all this!  
Then we went out to pick up some chestnuts 'cos The Missus likes to eat them, I had a nibble of one but it did nothing for me!

As a treat,Holly and I got chicken for lunch, it was super Birthday Lunch and we all had a good time.

When we got back we told OTL all about our day and showed him all the presents we had got and the present of Honey Comb that Auntie Zoe had brought OTL, 'cos he just loves that stuff and won't even give us a nibble!

I think we may be off for an early night tonight 'cos we didn't get any sleep this afternoon!

So, bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly (Two years and one day old)

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Happy Birthday Us!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again.

We have had a funny old day today. First of all we got up good and early and Old Two Legs gave us our birthday presents, there was loads of tasty nibbles, enough to spoil our appetite all day!

Then we got brand new collars! They were black as before, with bones, just like before but new and Holly got one a size bigger. That's because she has almost outgrown her collar, putting on weight and growing thicker fur!

When we went out for our walks we were showing them off to everyone!

OTL had promised to take us down to Canterbury but we had to put that off, you see OTL has got an infected ear which got worse last night and was giving him loads of pain. He even had to go to the emergency Two Legs Vet to get some penicillin tablets to make him better!

You know, when OTL goes to the Two Legs Vet, he doesn't have to pay for the medicine or the consultancy fee, which is just as well 'cos to be in pain AND have to pay the vets bill would be more that OTL could stand!

He has spent most of the day curled up in a ball and we have been giving him cuddles. He says it shouldn't be too long before he feels well enough to take us out to Canterbury, so, we have taken a 'Rain Check' on the day out!

OK, we are off to bed now to give him some more cuddles and have a chew on a carrot I have stashed away under my blanket!

Bye bye for now.

Daisy & Holly (All grown up)!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Tomorrow is The Day!

Hello Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly here again and are we getting excited!

Old Two Legs took us out this morning, down to the Sea Wall for a race and chase around. As normal he took his camera with him to photograph us chasing rabbits, meting friends and hunting sea gulls.

Trouble was, no sea gulls, no rabbits, no friends!

So, he sat us on a concrete wall and started taking photos of us both. We were getting a bit bored until he got the ball out of his pocket and that attracted us all right!

He said we have got to have a 'Birthday Picture' for the records.




OTL said that tomorrow was our birthday and for a treat we would be going out with him to Canterbury, all day, chasing around The Marshes!

Well that was it, we stood still, for a couple of clicks of his camera!

So, last year it was this.

Birthday Girls 2010

This is our 2011 Birthday Picture!

Birthday Girls 2011

Not bad for two years old!

OK, so we look a little scruffy, un-brushed and a little wind swept, but hey, we're cute!

OTL did say that tomorrow, officially, we are not puppies any more, but we will always be his little puppies, no mater how old we get!

All together................Aaaaaaah!

Wot a big softy!

Just wait until next week, we are off to the Puppy Parlour for our 'Shampoo & Set' and OTL is going to take some pictures for the Christmas Card, now if you want to see us doing the Seriously Cute, just wait until you see that one!

This afternoon we went out with OTL, first to the Sea Wall then off to deliver some stuff.

After running around OTL stopped at the Doggy Shop! Oh Wow! The smells are terrific in there, we got some Chicken Fillets and some Chicken & Rice Jumbones, then as we were giving the Hamsters the old Hairy Eyeball OTL put something into the shopping bag, all sort of sneaky like, so we reckon we might just have a suprise Birthday Present tomorrow morning!

Off home and the prospect of diner and a chew before bed!

See you all tomorrow and we'll let you know how our birthday goes!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly (One year and 364 days old!)

Thursday, 20 October 2011

OTL's back and we go hunting Badgers!

Hi Woofers!

D&H back for some more fun.

OTL went out while it was still dark and we were still half asleep. It was strange him getting up so early, he is not normally a 'morning' person!

We had our walk across The Fields with The Missus and yes, she was sniffin and blowing her nose all the way! Talk about noisy, even the birds flew off when they heard her coming!

We got back and she didn't give us a brush, she was too busy wiping her nose!

We just didn't feel like breakfast without first getting a brush, I mean, it's just not polite to have breakfast looking scruffy!

Late morning there was a telephone call, we could hear it was Old Two Legs but couldn't make out what he was saying.TM put down the phone and said, 'Here's OTL!' That was it, Holly and I were both at the window, tails a'wagging and woofing call for OTL.

Then he appeared around the edge of the bushes in the front garden, we flew down stairs and waited for him to open the front door, then he got covered in licks and wet noses, Holly and mine, not TM's!

We first of all got brushed, then I had a bite to eat, (most important), then we were off to the Sea Wall!

We had a good chase around and watched some of the ships sail by and then back home for some lunch (OTL's)

We saw three ships a'sailing!

We let him do some of his work before bullying him into going out again but this time we wanted to go to a new place, so off we went to The Farm!

We raced ahead looking for rabbits and badgers and OTL took some pictures of the sky!

Holly found an old tree stump from which she kept an eye open for badgers but didn't see any, even though we both could smell them!

Looking for badgers!
It wasn't long before we found the badger set and we both had a very careful sniff all around the many holes. There were some where you could see that they had been digging our the chalk and throwing away from the hole, I mean, not even bothering to hide it!

Looking down a badgers hole!
OTL said we should be careful just in case the badger came out with more chalk and threw it over us!

We left the badgers to dig out some more and went off exploring. We came across this plant, even OTL was not sure what it was but we said that we would come back in the spring time and see what it had grow into, providing the badgers don't eat it!

Wot is it?
Back home again to a super (OTL) diner, and our food was OK as well!

See you tomorrow, and don't forget, it's Friday!


Daisy & Holly (Badger Hunter)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Mid Week Again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly with some more goings on!

Just a moment ago it was Saturday and here we are Mid Week!

Brrr, it was cold last night! Old Two Legs chucked us out into the garden for a quick wee before bed and I am sure I could smell a frost in the air!

Needless to say, the wee was quick and the return to the house even quicker!

It was OK this morning, no sign of frost on the grass, just a bit colder than normal. We got OTL up early by the old Ear Lickin' trick, me in one ear and Holly in the other!

Once again we were off to the Sea Wall!

Rabbit Hunting!
As normal, no rabbits! We did find a Two Legs sitting on the steps trying to read a newspaper. Now normally we wouldn't think that was strange, however, in this case the wind was blowing the paper all over the place and this TL couldn't keep it flat! Holly and I had a good laugh over this!

A Paper in the Wind!
We also saw a flock of Brent Geese flying overhead and Holly says that if you joined up all the geese they would look like a flying Sausage Dog! Typical Holly, always thinking of food!

Flying Sausage Dog!

On our midday walk, we went to the Sea Wall again and saw one of these strange TL who go rescuing worms from the mud flats. So we stood and watched him go out across the mud. He had Wellington Boots on but kept sinking into the mud and we were waiting for him to sink in so far that it came over his boots, but it didn't and we soon got bored!

Off to rescue the worms!

Along the wall came Barney, no relation to the rabbits, he is only eight months old and Holly gave him a woof, then he chased us around and we all had a sniff as well!

Hello Woofer!
Barney didn't want to leave us 'cos he was having so much fun but his owners called him and walked off, Barney went running after them, then came running back to us, then ran after them again, then ran all the way back to us before running back to them again!

Wot a softy dog!

Chicken for dinner tonight with a little bit of rice and OTL has got gammon, so we will mug a bit of that off him as well!

We do dine well!

See you tomorrow, OTL's off at the crack of dawn so The Missus will be taking us out for a walk, we hope her cold is gone by then, she makes such an awful sniffing sound and it puts you right off your own sniff!

Bye Bye for now!

Daisy & Holly