Saturday, 16 June 2018

Shopping Day Today!

Away The Noo!

It's us back again, McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacMay, Miss MacWendy, Eric de McFerret and Monty McSporan!

Well, we woke up to the rain crashing down onto the caravan roof, wot a noise!

You know, it even woke Old Two Legs up and he can normally sleep through The Missus sorting out her craft stuff, and that makes a lot of noise!

We headed out for a walk first thing, complete with our rain coats on and to be honest, all we could manage was a wee!

After the wee it was straight back to the caravan and onto the bed that was still warm from when OTL had been snoozing!

It rained for most of the morning and when it did stop we got a walk with OTL but only just across the road way, a quick wee and a poo then back to the caravan at top speed!

The shopping trip into Campbeltown was a bit boring, we couldn't get out of the car 'cos there were double yellow lines everywhere and OTL didn't want to get a ticket, unlike the locals who were under the impression that double yellow lines were reserved for parking on!

We didn't get any treats, no doggy shops! A Co-op and a funny Tesco's bolted onto a garage we found but as much as we asked, no Annette TL could be found!

Back home there was a 'Window' of no rain so we went out for a run on the beach and OTL brought the ball throwing stick. I twas great fun chasing the ball but I got carried away and gave the ball a good Mullering!

Needless to say, the ball is not feeling very well, in fact it felt like it was going to pieces!

A Chewing Good Ball but it's now dead!
Well, to add insult to injury, the rain started again and off we went back to to caravan! When we got through the gate Holly and I caught the sniff of a rabbit and rain or no, we were after it like a rat up a drainpipe!

We didn't catch it, the rabbit disappeared into gorse bush and that was it, nothing to look forward to except a telling off from OTL!

The rain had started to ease but we could see on the horizon, a big squall of a shower heading our way!

It's going to get wet again!
 Sunshine had been promised for late this afternoon so we might get a run with the ball throwing stick 'cos OTL has found a ball that just about fits into the stick!

Claws crossed we won't get too excited and chew this one up!

See you tomorrow.


McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacMay, Miss MacWendy, Eric de McFerret and Monty McSporan!