Monday, 12 November 2012

Bambi Burgers!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again!

What a night we had! First of all we had a cuddle with The Missus on the sofa and watched the TV, boring but better than nothing!

When we got to bed it was great, no Old Two Legs, so that means we can stretch out on his side of the bed and snore our heads off, well Holly did, I got fed up listening to her and went down stairs to sleep on the sofa!

It was strange waking up and not giving OTL a licking to wake up but we will have to make up for it when he gets home!

When we got down to The Sea Wall there were a number of new sniffs, well two actually!

New but not special!
 We shared them but as Holly says, 'Not very exciting!'

It's a sniff but I'm not getting any nearer!
We spoke to Old Two Legs and he was telling us about Alun doing his unpacking when they got there. He was counting out his shirts, five of them for three days. Then there were four pairs of socks, for three days and finally there were two pairs of pants for three days, so one day he will turn a pair inside out and where them again!

You can tell he is ex army!

The snow that OTL was hoping to be on top of the mountains got washed away, so all he has got now is rain and mist!

Bang goes the landscape photographs but he did spot some Bambi's!

They were a bit too big for the car so he says that we will have to go back to Tesco's for our Bambi Burgers!

Bambi Burgers on the Hoof!
 Then as he was taking the picture of the Bambi Burgers, up came a Daddy Burger!

What you doing with my women?
 After that OTL stuck to the Glen and pictures of the mist!

Glen Etive in the mist.

 It was then that OTL told us about the B&B he and Alun were staying at. Now we always thought that B&B was Bed & Breakfast but it seems that they got a 'Bargain Break B&B' and it seems that B&B mean Bed and Bike!

 OTL was driving down the Glen and thought he spotted a very big eagle on top of a telegraph pole.

When they got closer they discovered that it was a satellite dish!

You know, OTL didn't take and whisky with him, so we reckon he must have bought some when he got there!

It looks like he is having fun up there!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly