Saturday, 16 November 2013

Food Wonderful Food!

Hello Woofers!

It's Us, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you again!

What a wonderful day today! We got Old Two Legs to do the cooking of our breakfast, Chicken & Biscuits, he cooked it just how we like it. It was warm and all the skin was there and he had cut it up into doggy sized bites, then to finish off he drizzled some of the chicken stock over it all and there was enough left so we could lick it off the bottom of the bowl!

We went out for our walk this morning and the ferrets came as well, as normal, but they didn't want to get down until a bit later than normal 'cos it was a bit drafty!

Snowflake fluffed herself up to keep warm but in doing that she looked twice the size she normally is, in fact Holly said she could even be expecting babies!

It's just a Fluffy Belly, Honest!
 We all had a game on the beach, then it was back to the car before we got cold again!

Come on, back we go!
 At lunch time, we stopped off at the Master Class to drop some stuff off to The Missus, there were all the Glue & Glitter Gang there sloshing the glue pots about!

Holly wandered around saying 'Hello' and 'Got any Sandwiches?' but it looks like they had eaten them all!

Food? No Food, No Strokes!
We tried on some rain coats but they were not what OTL wanted for us. Then Archie's Mum got out his rain coat, it was great! It slipped over our heads and then went under our chest and strapped across our back! That way we wouldn't get so wet running through the grass!

So after trying them on OTL asked if he could buy two coast, Medium sized and we could  have them for Christmas!

Now, there was one thing that I was puzzled about, what was Archie's Mum doing with Archie's coat and no Archie!

Still, we tried the coats on and when she gets the coat back to Archie, he will have our sniff on it!

After the lunchtime walk, OTL went off to play with his camera stuff. Boring I know but last night he was reading up on the instruction manual for the 'Close Up Flash Light' he brought a while ago. Now, OTL is not really into Instruction Manuals, but you can tell just how bored he must have been last night! Still, it did him some good 'cos he learn't two new things and one of them was to do with the flash light.

You see, normally when you use the camera and the flash unit, the light spreads all over the place and it is difficult to control. So OTL had read somewhere about Auto FP High Speed Sync. Yeah, I know, boring innit!

What it means is he can use a much higher shutter speed than normal 500th second instead of the 125 or 250th second. Now this setting gives you a shallow depth of field and just  highlights the subject and it also gives good Bokeh, (fuzzy background)!

Have a look at this.

Mr Snoozy!
 I think OTL is going to be playing with this a lot over the next few days!

TM has to be taught a lesson and Archie's Mum reckons that if we shove the ferrets up the duvet when she is asleep, that should get her attention and that way we will not get any Doggy Scoff again!

We'll try that tonight!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!