Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Windy Weather!

Hi Woofers!

It's us back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss may, Miss April, Miss Wendy and the (Cuddly) Freddy de Ferret!

Once again it was a bit chilly down on the beach today, but it wasn't raining!

Looking across to Sheerness it looked a bit bleak but there wasn't the 'White Horses' we had yesterday!

A Bit Bleak!
While Old Two Legs was composing his picture of Sheerness we occupied our time by having a 'Sniff Chase' up and down the beach. While April was sniffing in between the rocks, May, Holly and I had a good explore in and under the sea weed!

There's some funny sniffs here!
The sea weed was slowly rotting away and it left some funny sniffs. May was very interested in the rotting weed and asked if it all was like this. Holly explained that different weed gave off different sniffs and some even gave off a gas that really got up your nose!

Is that Gas?
The Missus came along and both May and April got all sneaky and blagged a lift and a cuddle until OTL said that the idea of the walk was to give the ferrets some exercise!

Blagging a lift!
Back home we had a bowl full of heart for breakfast and we even managed to save some for a lunchtime nibble!

May was climbing all over Freddy's cage and trying to start a fight with Wendy so OTL put her in the 'Naughty Cage', three times!

Wendy was just as naughty, as soon as May and April were put back in their clean cage, May kicked the Poo Pot around the cage and Wendy climbed up a few bars and started to blow Ferret Raspberry's at May, which made her very cross indeed!

Then Freddy sat up and rattled the cage from the side wall. That made May even more upset and she flew at the cage to try to nibble Freddy's nose off!

Not that she had a chance 'cos OTL picked up both Freddy and Wendy and put them in the 'Naughty Cage' but only once 'cos as soon as they were let out they rushed of down to the kitchen to raid our biscuit bowl!

Lunchtime it was back to the beach, Freddy and Wendy had a little dig in the sand but were more interested in the Grass Path!

Freddy was sniffing and digging into the grass which means he was last up the hill, as normal!  

You know wot? I just fancy a roll in something!
Freddy was having a great time diving into the grass and having a good roll that would get Holly and I into deep poo!

How does he get away with it?
Holly and TM  went walking ahead 'cos they got bored waiting. I stayed with OTL and even went back to tell Fred and Wendy to 'Shift Their Tails' 'cos everyone is getting cold waiting for them!

Waiting? Just For Us? How Sweet!
Freddy did his 'Broken Claw' trick which didn't fool anyone but it did get a lift for him and Wendy until they got to the bench where they had to walk all the rest of the way to the car!

Now OTL is getting some extra special sausages for dinner tonight, I think they are called Chorizo Sausages and OTL just loves them.

Holly and I think they are no better than Ferret Poo and refuse to even have a nibble! So it looks like we will be hungry tonight, unless he gets out the Shortbread and a new bottle of Malt Whisky!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss may, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!