Sunday, 8 February 2015

Brambles the Tea Leaf!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Wot a super day today! First of all we got an extra hour in bed this morning, not 'cos the clocks went back but rather The Missus, waking everyone up by getting up at two thirty and stomping around all over the place and as we were just getting back to sleep, back she comes and it feels like she is practising her trampolining on the bed!

So, because of this, we all over slept by an hour! Mind you, it was fun waking up to the sun shining through the window!

The ferrets weren't too happy about us messing about with the time, they said they were an hour late in getting their Lactose Free Milk and an hour late in going out for a walk!

That TM has a lot to answer for!

Mind you, it wasn't so cold today and even the ferrets enjoyed the beach, but not for too long!

Mr Brambles managed to get a lift and a cuddle from Old Two Legs, until they were off the beach and Miss Snowflake just couldn't understand why she had to walk!

OK, What about a lift and a cuddle for me?
We met up with some of the gang and at one point there were so many woofers and Two Legs milling around that OTL had to pick up the ferrets for their own safety, not that they minded that!

Back home we got served up with Posh Doggy Scoff, Holly got her nose stuck into that straight away, especially as it was my bowl she had her nose in!

Holly and I headed off to the bedroom for a snooze while OTL cleaned the ferret house and the ferrets went off for their morning 'Rampage' around the house, just to see what mischief they could get into.

We did note that Mr Brambles turned left out of the office and headed for the stairs, going down to see TM?

Well, after the cleaning up OTL went looking for Mr Brambles and guess where he was?

I'm only counting them, honest!
The little 'Tea Leaf' was chomping away on our biscuits for all he was worth!

I mean, it's not as if he has no food in his own bowl!

Holly says we will need to mount a guard on our food in future, especially when the ferrets are on the Rampage!

Mr Brambles then had a great time chasing Miss Snowflake around, the pair of them were in a great mood, I suppose it was the Doggy Biscuits that did the trick!

Out of my way, She's after me!
By the way, just to let you know, the term 'Tea Leaf' is a sort of rhyming London slang. it means Thief. So, Thief rhymes with Leaf and leaf goes together with Tea. So if you hear someone say that 'He's a right Tea Leaf' they mean He's a Thief!

I hope you had a 'Giraffe' about that!

Work it out!

After a mornings snoozing under OTL's desk we headed off down the beach again. The sun was shining and the cold wind had dropped right the way down, it even felt warm!

There were loads of fishermen down on The Sea Wall throwing worms into the sea. There were so many that we couldn't walk along The Sea Wall, so OTL took us up on the top path.

It was the warmest day for ages and the sun shining made us think that Spring and Summer isn't far off.

Then I can go swimming in the sea again!

Back home and an afternoon snooze before dinner and a good mugging of OTL for his shortbread!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, and the two Tea Leaves, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!