Tuesday, 25 November 2014

OTL's Got New Boots!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

It was a bit chilly this morning, not the sun shine and balmy breezes of yesterday!

I must admit, if I could have got in the bag with the ferrets then I would have!

Mr Brambles looked at the morning sky and said 'Red Sky in the Morning, Ferret Take Warning!'

He reckons it is going to rain soon!

A Ferrets Warning?
 Miss Snowflake was behind the rock again but was concerned that Mr Brambles was peeking at her!

Honest! I'm not peeking!
Of course, Holly and I kept calling out 'He's Peeking!'

Miss Snowflake had some fun climbing over the sea weed and of course, she landed up in the wet bit!

This looks like a Soggy Bit
We were having fun when Holly spotted a strange looking thing on the sea wall. OTL said it was a 'Mermaids Purse'. We thought he was having a laugh but it seems like he was right, it is the egg sack for a Skate or even a Shark!

Holly said she hoped it was a Skate 'cos she didn't fancy sharks swimming around our beach!

Mermaids Purse!
On our way back to the car a new young woofer came steaming along the path he took one look at the camera and said that he could see another woofer, then he said 'Wossyourname?' then turned around and ran off before OTL could answer!

Back home we had some fun chasing around the house and both ferrets were climbing all over the stuff in The Missus's card room, of course that soon made them tired with all the climbing up the shelves!

Mr Brambles retired to his bed and snoozed like wot only a ferret can!

This is good!
It was just before lunchtime when the delivery man knocked on the door with OTL's new Wellington Boots!

So, after checking them out for fit, he had to find a chunky pair of socks to pad them out a little.

Then we went out for the lunchtime walk, in The Forest'!

Well, that was the soggiest place we knew!

OTL's New Boots!
 It was fun watching him sploshing about in the mud like a little TL!

 We finally spotted a squirrel digging up some nuts for dinner!

Just collecting my Dinner!
 After spotting one we then kept a good watch out for another, but unfortunately we didn't even get a sniff of one!

And I nearly fell off the log!

This is getting Slippy!
 OTL was pointing out that the leaves were almost gone from the trees, so, it should be easier to spot those squirrels in the trees.

That is providing they have woken up from their winter snoozing!

Last of the leaves!
 Half way around the forest we came across this fungi that was getting rained upon! You can tell it was raining 'cos there were drips hanging from the cap!

Back home to have a snooze before dinner. Not too sure what OTL has for dinner but we are planning to give him a good mugging!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr (Snoozy) Brambles.