Thursday, 8 November 2012

Trying To Learn How To Sneak Up On Squirrels!

Hello Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly back again!

Old Two Legs has been cleaning all his camera stuff today, getting ready for his Scotland trip!

We're not too sure how this Blog will get published with him in Scotland and us in Kent!

I think we will need to have a word with him before he goes!

No problems this morning, we were up good and early and down to The Sea Wall to catch the Sun Rise. We do get some good sun rises over Sheerness but it's the 'Getting Up Early' to catch them that is the problem!

One thing that always holds us back is Holly, you see, she really is not a 'Morning Puppy'. She would rather stay in bed snoozing until about ten thirty, then go for a walk. Me, I'm up before it's light, waking the rest of the house up and am ready to 'Rock & Roll'!

Mind you, I do like an early night and I will often go up to bed after dinner (OTL's) and only wake up for a wee at ten or so and only then if OTL comes and gets me from my nice warm bed!

One of the things about early mornings is that we can see the Sun Rise, which this morning was rich in colour, but not much of it!

A Sheerness Sun Rise!

Once Holly is up, after much grumbling and showing off, she joins in the games along The Sea Wall and this morning we were practising our 'Flying'.

Holly, being the more 'Rotund' of us two, really has trouble getting off the ground but this morning we had a 'First'!

A Flying Holly Dog!
Holly managed to get off the ground and sail along for a bit. She was dead chuffed about getting off the ground and even OTL clapped his hands after she landed!

Holly reckons that the hair cut we had gave her the edge, just enough 'Streamlining' to overcome the 'Drag Coefficient' that prevented her from getting airborne in the past!

Back home to 'Doggy Scoff' and a snooze in OTL's office before our lunch time run!

We asked OTL if we could go back to The Forest 'cos we wanted to do some serious practise for Squirrel Chasing, bless him, he said 'Yes'!

So there we were, noses up and eyes looking out and what happens? OTL starts clicking away and making a terrible noise scaring off all the squirrels!

First Click!
 So we told him off and started to stalk around in the bracken, when, just as the sniffs were getting strong.......CLICK!

He did it again!
That was it, Holly and I left him and went further into the forest to 'Do our own Thing'!

Snuffle, Snuffle, Squirrel's Been Here!
While we were investigating a sniff, up OTL wanders, bumbling through the forest like a herd of Heferlumps and says 'Here, Look Wot I've seen!'

Another One!

How does he do it?

Holly says it's just luck and he is just lucky where squirrels are concerned, I'm not so sure, maybe he has a stuffed squirrel that he keeps putting on different branches and photographing when we are not looking!

Holly and I started really looking for them, I mean, double headed lookout to start with!

You Look That Way and I'll Look This!
 When that didn't work we went back to tracking by sniffin for them!

Serious Squirrel Sniffin!
That didn't work!

Then OTL spotted a fungi half way up a tree and started snapping away, making more noise and scaring off everything for miles around!

It's Fungi, but Not As We Know It!
We didn't know what this one was and we can't find anything in the book so it may be from Outer Space or Essex!

As we got closer to the gate and the Car Park, OTL was still snapping away at the trees and of course, you know what hides in the trees, other than Birdies?

That's it, Squirrels! So we were keeping a good watch out for any movement made by a nervous squirrel being scared by the camera clicks! OTL was taking his time on this shot 'cos he had to catch the sun bouncing off the tree, or summat!

See The Squirrel?
Well, a very scared squirrel rushed out of the bracken, scared by the noise from OTL's camera. OTL didn't see it 'cos he had the camera up to his eye, but we did!

We flew after the squirrel who made a sharp left hand turn to escape getting caught by us! So we did a hard left hand turn as well, but we bumped into OTL and sent him flying!

There it goes!
As Holly says, 'Oh Dear, What a Shame!'

Maybe OTL will have better luck next time, He, He!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly