Friday, 17 January 2020

Doomy Day Today!

Hello Woofers!

We are back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret!

As you would have known, Plawn Clackers and King Plawns went down a treat yesterday and it was helped by a bottle of Bubbly The Missus was given for Christmas!

Holly and I made pigs of ourselves and OTL indulged in a stack of Shortbread and some of his Giggle Juice!

We all slept well and although OTL sort of rolled out the side of the bed last night!

In fact we slept so well we were late in getting up!

Not that it worried us 'cos we could hear the rain bashing on the window pane which gave us the excuse to duck down under the duvet for a a few more snoozes before we had to get up!

As you would imagine, the rain was still splashing down so there were no pictures of sun rises or pre or after glow!

Holly, being a bit of a pudding has got thick hair that sometimes gets clumped together, so, today OTL sat Holly on the desk and started to snip out the lumps.

Holly was not pleased and wriggled and wriggled and wriggled to try to escape the scissors clacking away!

When OTL starts to do this Holly knows that soon she will be getting a wash and a hair cut!

I think it is tomorrow!

I'm not too bad but if there is time I reckon I will get a short back and sides as well!

Lunchtime came and went, all windy and cold and we were glad to get back home to a warm cushion under the desk in OTL's office.

Tomorrow  TM is off to her Glue Slapping Day in the village hall with her mates so there will be plenty of space for OTL to get the table out with all the straps and stuff for holding a woofer in place while getting shaved!

Holly calls it an Instrument of Torture and spends all her time wriggling around so OTL can't get to the bit he wants to shave!

That doesn't make OTL too happy with Holly and he spends too much time turning her back again to the position he wants her in only to find she has moved again while he picks up the shaver!

More news tomorrow!

Bye Bye for now.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret!