Tuesday, 5 June 2012

We're Back Home Again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back home again!

After a fun time down on Romney Marsh we have arrived back home to all the familiar old sniffs!

This morning Old Two Legs took us for a walk around the field, just so we could say bye bye to all the lambs and the sheep. Then we went over to the place where the baby rabbits are and called out bye bye 'cos OTL wouldn't let us get too close 'cos he said that we may upset the Mummy rabbit!

That being done we went off to the sandy beach again to get a last run before the tide came in and we had to leave.

We got onto the beach and found that there were a couple of  'Sand Yachts' charging about, so we kept out of their way!

Super Fast Sand Yachty Thingy Wossit!
At one time it looked like one of the Sand Yachts was having a wee, just like a boy doggy!

Super Fast Sand Yachty Thingy Wossit having a Wee on the move!

There were some of those 'Flappy Birdy' type of things getting ready to fly around, so we kept out of their way as well!

Best Place for a Flappy Thing!
Holly and I ran off down the beach a bit and all of a sudden, there was no one there, I mean, nothing except OTL and us!

The Beach to Ourselves!
What a place for fun! We had a little dig in the sand followed by a paddle in the stream.

Having a Paddle
We like having a paddle, it was warmer than the sea and not so splashy from the waves!

Even better is to have a roll in something smelly before OTL stops us!

Holly just Loves Smelly Things!
After the walk we got back and packed up all the caravan stuff, OTL took down the awning and rolled it all up, he even threatened to roll us up in it if we didn't stay in the car out of the way!

We woofed at the other caravanners on the way out and also the other dogs on site. (There were two others, boring things on leads outside their caravans just looking at us!)

Back home it was a case of us doing the 'Inspecting' of the house and grounds while OTL parked up the caravan and unloaded everything from the car. The Missus started to unload the caravan and then gave up saying she would do the rest 'Tomorrow'!

So, it was a meal of 'Doggy Scoff' tonight, which is not brilliant but we did get to mug OTL for some of his steak and chips, well, the steak anyway!

We finished off the evening with a snooze and a gnaw of our rawhide chews, what an end to a super little holiday.

Now we are looking forward to our Summer Holiday up in Scotland, roll on summer!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly