Thursday, 24 July 2014

Us Again!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

Old Two Legs is not too happy with me this morning! You see, I got up at about three fifteen and sort of felt like I wanted a wee and as I can't open the kitchen door on my own, I stood at the bottom of the bed and did my 'IWannaWee' whine, which got OTL up and bouncing off the walls as he fell down stairs!

He opened the back door and Holly and I went for a sniff and a walk in the garden. OTL left the door open and went back to bed.

Around five, I got this irresistible urge to go out for a walk and went up to tell OTL, who was asleep at the time, catching up on the sleep he missed when I woke him earlier!

Up got OTL, and bounced off the walls as he fell down stairs, again, only to find the back door still open!

Oops! I forgot to check!

At that point OTL decided it was too dangerous to go back to bed, so he got up and showered, got dressed and put Holly and me on our lead and off we went to wake Daisy Spaniel up. Which was a bit silly really 'cos she was wide awake and ready for a walk!

Surprising enough, Holly and I would have preferred to go back to bed and we dawdled along the path until we got to the field behind the houses.

Daisy Spaniel was all 'Go Go Go' and soon was weeing for England!

Holly and I sat down and said we would just watch if you don't mind!

OTL wasn't having that, and we were put on our leads and walked all around the field, and didn't we do some showing off!

Soon Daisy was back home and enjoying some breakfast while OTL marched us back so he could get the ferrets ready for the beach!

I must say, Holly and I prefer the beach to the field 'cos you can get a good lick on!

Me and Holly getting a 'Lick On'
While OTL wasn't looking, Sneaky Miss Snowflake crawled back into the ferret bag, just until she gets off the sand!

I just don't like sand!
 Holly and I tried to get a rabbit but although we tried the 'Waiting Game' we still couldn't get close enough!

There be Rabbits!
Holly was saying that what we need is a new approach and maybe Archie Babe could give us some new idea's on Rabbit Hunting when he comes down here!

Mind you, we'll have to go hunting without the ferrets 'cos Archie Babe may mistake them for rabbits and we can't have that!

Lunchtime, after Daisy had been for her run, OTL tried some more photo's 'cos he says that Daisy is 'Photogenic', we call it dopey!

I can do Cute as well!
After she got back home and was supplied with another bowl of clean cool water, we headed off for some deliveries and then onto The Forest. On sunny days like today it is good to be under the shade of the trees and of course, there is always a chance of a squirrel!

Well, it sniffs like a squirrel to me!
Back home for a snooze before dinner of chicken, all warm and greasy!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.