Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Too Many Fans!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles here with you again!

Well, after finally uploading that film of The Missus making a card, it seems that it was a bit of a 'Hit' and there have been a couple kind comments!

Old Two Legs is wondering if he should give up retirement and go into film production big time!

TM has been walking around all day saying 'Five Bob to talk to me!'

Wot a show off!

Wot a Tart!

OTL was well pleased, he got a delivery of a bottle of 'The Water of Life' on of his favourite slurps and he has put that away for 'Later'!

This morning when we went out it was raining, a sort of misty type of rain and when we got to the car park it was wet enough for OTL to leave the camera in the car, so, no pictures of Miss (I Wanna Go Home) Snowflake showing off!

Mind you, when we got back home she was rattling the cage door to get out and have a game with OTL in the office. The only problem with that idea was I'm under the desk trying to get a snooze and all she wanted to do was crawl onto my cushion with me!

No Way Pedro!

I did one of my 'Grumbles' and I got thrown out of the office to carry on my snoozing on the bed, wrapped up in TM's fleece!

We had chicken for breakfast, so I wasn't too worried, a full tummy and a soft bed, what more can a Woofer ask for?

Lunchtime we were out again and the sun was trying to poke its nose out from behind the clouds. It is still very wet under paw so Holly and I had a game of 'Jump The Puddle' and of course, I won!

OTL was playing about with his camera doing a 'Depth of Field' exercise. He does this every so often just to make sure he knows how to get an effect!

This one shows a very shallow DOF, this is when you want to draw the viewers attention to a subject!

f/5.6 at 105mm
 The next one he had to do some guessing at and set it up so that the rocks in the foreground would be in focus and the mud in the distance would also be in focus.

I don't think he got it spot on 'cos he didn't have his DOF Calculator with him!

f/16 at 50mm
 As I said, nearly but not quite there yet!

On the other hand just look at me!

f5.6 at 180mm
 Am I in focus or Wot?

That's all I need to know!

Back home TM announces that she wants to do 'Another Film'!

Oh Gawd, I can see the house being turned into a permanent film set! Mind you, just think of all the 'Franchise Deals' we could do? We could make loads of money and dine on Beef Steak every day!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.