Wednesday, 13 June 2018

McGodwins are here!

Hello Woofers!

It's the Heeland Mob here! McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacMay, Miss MacWendy, Eric de McFerret and Monty McSpporan up in sunny Scotland!

Well, what a trip, we left very early on Monday, on the road by eight and trolling along the M25 and through the Dartford Tunnel, then it happened, queues of traffic caused by speed restrictions, crashing vans, HGV trucks playing bumper cars!

Well, at least we get to chat with the ferrets!
So, instead of arriving at Gretna by about one, we didn't get there until six!

Well, that mucked up The Missuses plans to empty the craft shops in the Designer Centre!

Distraught, she had to resort to drowning her sorrows in a bottle of Bollinger Champagne with her fish and chips, (The Chinese was shut!)

No Plawn Clackers, No Plawn Balls and not even a chip, I think I'm dying!
 She slept well that night!

Mind you, Old Two Legs had a slurp and he slept well!

Holly was set for a good night as well, until TM pinched the duvet cover!

It's a Dogs Life!
We were up at the crack of dawn again and OTL decided he wanted a shower, so, with his gear wrapped up in a towel he staggered off to the camp site showers clutching the key to open the door!

Being half asleep, he tried the ladies showers first and was cursing 'cos the door wouldn't open but just in time he spotted the picture of a lady!

Once in the correct shower room he set about getting a shower, money in the slot, turn on the water and step in. Only problem was, he had forgotten to bring his shower gel! Lucky for him, someone had left an almost empty bottle on top of the money machine so, with a little bit of care he managed to add some water to the contents of the bottle and 'Splash it all Over'!

After the shower he got dressed, finding he had also forgotten his clean socks and toothbrush!

He really doesn't do early morning decisions!

Not to worry, we were on the road by seven thirty and off to sunny Carradale Bay!

The trip was a bit boring really 'cos unlike on the motorway, no one took any notice of us blowing raspberries at them through the side window, mainly 'cos they were going the other way!

Holly and I decided to wind up OTL and every few minutes we asked 'Are we there yet?'

Are we there yet?
It was great when he sad 'YES!'

We planted the caravan and before the awning went up OTL took us for a run on the beach. The tide was half way out but we still had a great paddle, even McHolly Chops went in far enough to get her knees wet!

Just what the vet ordered, a paddle in the sea!
Holly was chasing anything that moved and when OTL threw a stone into the water she almost forgot she doesn't do water!

My turn with the stone!
We spotted our first Nelly Fish and McHolly Chops said it was called a 'Hot Cross Nelly Fish' on account of the markings!

A Hot Cross Nelly Fish?
After we had our run OTL got the ferrets out and they had a chance to stretch their lugs on the beach and in the long grass on the beach. OTL calls it Marram Grass!

The ferrets love diving in and out, even Miss MacWendy stopped attacking Monty McSporran!

Get going or I'll bite your tail!
 Eric was having a great time ferreting around in the grass, of course, Miss McMay, having seen it all before tried instructing him on where to sniff but Eric, being Eric, did his own thing!

No! Going this way thanks!

OTL didn't mind 'cos while he was walking the ferrets, it gave TM time to unload the stuff from inside the caravan and have a cup of teat waiting for when he got back!

This is the way you unpack!
 The water was just right but we had to leave it to go shopping for food and stuff. On the way back we entered the caravan site down a forest path. Now, because there hasn't been any rain for about three weeks, the path was rather dry and dusty. So, down the forest path we went and ahead of us were a couple of Old Two Legs, even older than TM and OTL. OTL had slowed the car to a very slow crawl and the TL's had moved over to the side of the road. OTL crept past them and they waved their walking sticks at him in thanks. But not for long 'cos the caravan created a sort of vortex under the flooring and blew the dust up into the air, leaving the two TL's spluttering in the dust storm behind us!

It was lucky they didn't chase after OTL and shake their sticks at him some more!

Towards the evening the sea started to get a bit 'Choppy' and we saw there were some White Horses on the waves, we think the weather is reverting to Scottish Weather!

Well, the wind keeps the midges away!
Today when we woke up we could see that the day was going to a cloudy one plus, we had been advised that the Scottish Electricity Board were installing a new run of electricity cable, so the means 'No Power' all day!

Not only is there no power but the Wi-Fi was off as well and the mobile phone cell was running on low power to conserve the battery backup!

What was worse, we had to go out for a wee in the wet!

Looks good but it will get worse over the next twenty four hours!
 So, we have a wet holiday to look forward to but that doesn't worry us too much, TM is on her third bottle of Bolly and OTL is working his way down a fine bottle of Laphroaig with a couple of bottles of the local brew in reserve!

See you all tomorrow, providing we are not swept out to sea!


McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacMay, Miss MacWendy, Eric de McFerret and Monty McSpporan.