Thursday, 31 January 2013

Snowflakes getting better and Holly's on the Run!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here again!

First of all, Snowflake says 'Thanks' to everyone who sent 'Get Well Soon' cards!

She woke up late this morning and overnight had two poo's and another one after her breakfast!

These ferrets are champions at this poo production, shovel loads of it!

She wanted to get out and have her normal run around the office, exploring all the holes and stuff Old Two Legs has under the work surfaces but OTL made her stay in Snowy Heights.

She wasn't too happy about that, so as OTL put her back onto her bed, she turned around and nipped his finger!

You've got to admire her spirit!

OTL has to give her some medicine twice a day, so what crafty OTL does is to put it in the top of her Ferretone bottle cap together with a couple of drops of Ferretone and it only takes five licks and it's all gone!

Snowflake taking her medicine!
OTL has to do a lot better than that to get me to take any medicine and that includes those horrid Worming Tablets!  

We went out this morning and instead of rain there was sunshine! Now that makes a change from snow and windy rain!

We got to The Sea Wall just as High Tide happened and we saw the Surge that happens at high tide. It wasn't very big but you can imagine what it would be like on a stormy day with the wind blowing the wave onto shore, 'Serious Surfing' as Holly would say!

Tidal Surge on The River Medway
OTL and I were playing 'Chase The Ball' and as normal he tried to throw it down the Sea Wall and as normal, it ended up on the beach, but this time I thought I was going to catch it before it went over the edge.

I Missed!

Dog Overboard!
I really shouldn't try to do this ball chasing lark, it really is for Bozo Labradors and Staffy's like this one!

Another Bozo and her Ball!
Holly has been getting into trouble again. She is the one that starts off all the woofing in the house and of course, she is the one that The Missus goes after with the WMD!

Holly was sitting by the front window looking at the world going past when she took exception to a Two Legs that walked past our house. Well, what can a Guard Dog do but to issue the 'Warning Woof, with Attitude'!

That started TM off as well, telling Holly to be quiet, which she didn't, so out comes the WMD and TM marches down the lounge towards Holly.

Holly has been thinking about this and has a 'Cunning Plan'

As soon as TM gets near enough to squirt the water cannon at her, Holly jumps up and runs behind the sofa, sticks her head out of the other end and woofs again!

TM rushes down the whole length of the sofa to get Holly but by now Holly has turned around and legged it back to the window, done a couple more of the 'Warning Woofs, with Attitude' then charges off up stairs to hide in her 'Day Bed' in OTL's office!

Sneaky Holly or wot!

In the office we were in the Day Bed giggling about TM and the WMD when Snowflake stuck her head out from under OTL's fleece and asked 'What does a Girl have to do to get some sleep!

We said 'Sorry' and had a snooze until it was time to go out again!

Snoozing with the sniff of OTL all around her!
Down on the beach Holly was enjoying herself, digging in the seashells at the High Tide mark and she even called out that she was a Beach Babe! I said she looks like a Beached Whale, but I don't think she heard me 'cos she didn't say anything!

A Beach Baby Whale?

We carried on our walk and met up with another of those Bozo ball chasers and as he was on a lead, so, I decided to tease him, by pretending we had a ball in my mouth!

Luk Ir Go' a Bawl here!
Then OTL told us off for teasing him and he woofed at us, the Labrador, not OTL!

Back home Snowflake was awake and moving about, so we asked OTL to take a picture of Snowflakes scar. Well, TM took the picture and OTL held Snowflake!

This is for Auntie Zoe who is into scars, operations and stuff like that!
 It all looks like it is healing well and although it is sore and a little bruised, Snowflake says she is feeling better all the time!

So that's it for today, Snowflake has got some more medicine to take before going back to bed again and we are off for a cuddle with OTL while we watch TV.

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake