Tuesday, 31 July 2012

It's a Three Walk Day!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again.

We have been very busy today, loads of watching the Olympics on the TV and trying to convince Holly to have a swim in the pond!

I did suggest that as she is not too keen on swimming, she could try diving into the pond from the rocks on the side of the pond!

I won't tell you what Holly said 'cos it was rude!

We went down The Sea Wall  and met up with Mrs Corvid, she said she was keeping an eye out for a nice juicy whelk for breakfast. We said we would keep our eyes open and let her know if we see one, we didn't find a whelk but we did find some fox poo but Old Two Legs stopped us before we could have a roll, spoil sport!

Looking for a Whelky Breakfast!
 We did find some fishermen and before Holly could say anything, both fishermen said 'No We Haven't!'

Seems they remember Holly from the last time!

No We Haven't!
 We wandered off to the next set of rods but in the bucket there were only worms, not bad to roll over but they don't taste nice!

Just Worms!
At lunch time there were a couple of little Terriers we had met before, one was called Poppy but we were not sure what the other one was called 'cos every time we asked what her name was all she did was bark!

Both of them were all over OTL and Poppy gave him a lick on the nose as well!

So, as a special treat, OTL took their pictures!

Noisy Woofer!
After that OTL was off chasing insects and flowers. Flowers are OK but the insects kept of flying away every time he got close!

A Seed Pod!
 The only insect to sit still was this Common Wasp, but the plant kept of waving about in the wind!

Common Wasp
 For those interested in the boring stuff OTL seems mostly to use a Nikon D200 camera and his favourite lens for our walks is a 24-300mm zoom lens. The setting is either Cloudy (mostly) or Sunny (Rarely) or Shadow (When we are in the woods). The mode is always Aperture Mode and the aperture is always on f5.4, unless it is very sunny.

The lens has a VR setting to help prevent anti vibration and it has manual over ride on focusing for when he is in amongst the trees!

The ISO is always set at 200!

OK, that is the boring stuff, OTL has got some other super duper Nikon camera bodies and lenses but he says that although he is an 'Equipment Junky', you can take super pictures with just a simple 'Point & Shoot' camera.

Hang on, I've got to wake Holly up, she has just fallen asleep while I was typing that lot!

As we will be going on holiday soon, OTL's customers have been 'stocking up' on stuff they will need. That means OTL is having to do two weeks work this week plus what he normally does!

So, we were off down the carrier again this afternoon and then delivered some stuff close to the Riverside Park, so you know where we ended up!

OTL brought both balls for a kick and a chase, we didn't stay too long but it was still good to have a run in the field looking for different sniffs!

Home to mug OTL for some dinner and then curl up for a snooze before bed!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly