Thursday, 28 April 2011

We've been playing in the sand!

Hello All,

It's Daisy & Holly back again.

We've had another hard day helping Old Two Legs with his paper work, Holly was looking after the 'in' pile of papers!

Busy Doing Nothing!

You know how we like to get a bit 'mucky' sometimes and how Old Two Legs calls us 'Mucky Puppies'?

Well, we've done it again!

At midday, we got to go out with OTL for a walk and missed going with The Missus to baby sit The Boys.

We were having so much fun and stayed so long that TM went without us!

We got down to the Sea Defence wall and found that the tide was right out, in fact it was so far out that it had turned and was coming back 'cos it got lost!

On it's way out, the tide had left loads of muddy pools and sandy bits with smelly mud at the bottom.

Just the sort of thing we love to run on and investigate, so we did!

Mucky Puppies in the Making!

We also ran along the sea wall and jumped onto the beach to rummage around in the sea shells for pirate gold, but we didn't find any, just smelly sea weed and the odd plastic bottle!

We tried to get dry and brush the mud off but it did not seem to work!

Still Mucky Puppies!
In the end we gave up and were told that we had to have a bath or at least a good brush when we got home!

We found the bench where someone had left their lunch in a plastic bag the last time we came down here. I think they must have come back for it 'cos although we had a good sniff around the bench, there was no sign of lunch!

No sign of the Lunch Bag!

When TM comes back tonight she has promised us chicken for dinner!

Until then we've got to put up with this new chewy biscuit thing that's supposed to be good for our teeth and tums.

It tastes like balls of sawdust with some sort of flavour! Yuck! But when there's nothing else, what is a dog to do?

By the way, we got a good brushing when we dried off, and, as OTL was brushing us there were clouds of dust all around us!

It took three goes at brushing us and now we look OK and we still got the smell of the sea on us, that's Daisy, Holly And OTL!

I wonder if we should offer to give OTL a brush?

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly