Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Snowflakes Harness causes some fun today!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly and Snowflake back again!

This morning we were late in going out for our morning stroll along The Sea Wall 'cos Old Two Legs got up late and then, after cleaning out Snowflakes Poo Pans, decided to have a game with her using the 'Squeaky Mouse'!

I was sitting on his office chair watching the games and cheering Snowflake on every time she grabbed the mouse!

OTL was sitting on the ground in front of the chair and I got so excited that I bashed the back of his head with my paw and that put him off and Snowflake got the Mouse and beat it up good and proper!

So that's why we were late for our walk, not that it worried us 'cos when we got down there almost all of the snow had gone and we were back to muddy puddles everywhere!

No Snow, just mud, again!

The tide was going out and the grey sky and cold wind made it look very bleak!

In the Bleak Cold Winter, we know a song like that!

We had a bit of a chase around and on the way met up with a couple we see sometimes, terriers like us but a bit older! We said hello but they were more interested in playing up to OTL and of course OTL just loves that, he can be a right sucker sometimes!

Quick, give OTL a lick!

Back home The Missus was going potty, it seems that she has been watching the Create & Craft TV show where they have shown some of her cards as examples of what you can do with the stamps they were selling. The presenter then tried to copy TM's design, with a little twist of their own, to be honest, we prefer TM's card as the one they made up looked too loaded up with stuff and the secret of TM's cards are, Bright Colours and Simplicity'. TM was getting all excited 'cos they had picked up her card and told the world that it was made by 'Eileen Godwin'!

Now because of her being 'Named', TM's Facebook thing and email box have been going potty with Ooooo's and Ahaaaa's.

Gawd, her head is big enough as it is now, if it gets any bigger OTL will have to widen the front door, just to get her in and out!

I suppose now we will be subjected to continuous replays of the show and the bits that feature her cards, all week long, boring or wot!

After all this, OTL got Snowflake out of her cage and gave her some of the Ferretone, now when Snowflake is licking this up, OTL can do almost anything with her and this time he fitted her new harness that arrived in the post yesterday. It is a pretty pink thing with white spots and after a while was fitted to Snowflake who was a bit unsure of it to begin with and needed some additional Ferretone, just to settle her nerves of course!

OTL's like that with his whisky!

Then OTL took her outside to the garden and she had a walk around the back garden sniffin all the sniffs like wot a ferret should!

That was OK until she came to the back gate, she dived under the gate to do some investigating, found the harness stopped her, turned around and wriggled backwards out of the harness and was off to see the world. Of course, the back gate was locked and there was OTL panicking to get it unlocked before Snowflake caught the next bus into town!

By the time he got the gate ready to open, back came Snowflake, under the gate, saying that it was boring out there and she preferred the garden instead!

More adjustments needed on the harness me thinks!

 The lunch time walk was as bleak as this mornings! It was half a degree warmer but the wind was stronger, so adding in the wind chill factor, (Don't I sound Posh!) it was a few degrees colder!

There was an Oyster Catcher digging away in the mud and she was having a right grumble about the quality of the food and on top of that claimed she'd rather have steak and chips 'cos she didn't like shell fish!

I could do with a nice juicy steak!
A bit further on we came across some Brent Geese who were poking about in the mud just off the beach and Holly mused, not for the first time, 'Do you thing they taste like Chicken?'

We taste horrible, like mud and poo on a bad day!
We met up with a Husky going the other way and he called out 'Baking, innit?' Wot planet is he from?

Getting hot innit Girls?
 OTL was all wrapped up like an Egyptian Mummy and looked a proper Wally!

Back home TM was still swanning around going on about her cards, you know, if it gets any worse we will be moving out 'cos there won't be any room for us and her ego!

After a snooze we awoke to OTL getting Snowflake into her harness, well, what woke us up was the slurping noise Snowflake was making as she is licking the bottle cap clean of Ferretone!

Then, grabbing his camera OTL marched downstairs and into the garden to see what Snowflake would make of the new 'Adjusted Harness'

This looks big, wot is it?
First of all she had a sniff at the box where TM keeps the bird seed and declared it to be 'Uninteresting 'cos 'there's nuffin wriggling around inside'!

Then she tried to escape behind the garden table but this time the harness held her back and then she started to throw a wobbly 'cos she's not used to the harness and lead yet.

Quick, let's go this way!
So, with that, OTL picked her up and found she was shaking, which means she is scared, so he took her back inside and calmed her down with another lick of Ferretone!

Holly wants to know if you can Over Dose on Ferretone!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly and Snowflake