Thursday, 11 October 2012

A Bit Damp Today!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

This morning we were up good and early, around five fifteen it was, just to have a wander around and have an early morning wee.

That means we don't have to wake Old Two Legs up until later, so we all snuggled down together and had a 'Before Get Up Snooze'!

I like those snoozes 'cos it make you all relaxed and warm and happy!

I don't think it works that way with OTL, he took a look at the clock and went all grumbly and staggered off to get a shower!

 Soon we were down The Sea Wall and looking out to sea for monsters! We didn't see any but we did spot a shower across the water. Holly says that is what they mean by 'Occasional Showers'!

Occasional Showers!
We found our hole in the sand again and Holly had a dig and I joined her, just for fun!

Holly says that she thinks there are 'Sand Rabbits' on beaches and they specialize in building rabbit holes in sandy spots. Well, I've never heard of that before and I think she is talking out of her tail again, but I don't say so, just in case there are such things as Sand Rabbits!

Bet there are sand rabbits here!
As we got further along the path, we spotted one of the Wormy Men digging away and making a big mess in the mud. Today he was wearing a yellow jacket. I said that a yellow jacket was not right 'cos the worms could see him coming and run away before he finds them!

Holly, says that is not possible 'cos worms are color blind and they can't see the yellow jacket, so that means the Wormy Man was really invisible to the worms every time he wore the jacket and in that way he could catch more worms 'cos they couldn't see him coming!

The Invisible Wormy Man.
So now we know!

Lunch time came around and we had to wear our coats 'cos it was starting to rain and you know how much we hate the rain!

Holly was mumbling horrid things about the rain and how she wished it would go and rain out to sea where it didn't matter!

I Don't Do Rain!
 I must admit, I agreed with her and added that I didn't like the wind blowing my whiskers about either!

OR Wind!
 I went to inspect the Sand Rabbits hole and found that if I stuck my head into the hole, the rain stopped!
Here, no Rain!
 We couldn't stay on the beach all day with our heads stuck down a hole, so we hurried around our circuit and was soon on our way back to the car.

Then OTL stopped.

Not a Good Sign.

Then he put his camera to his eye and started to walk over the un cut grass.

Also, not a Good Sign 'cos some times he falls over!

Then he got close to a tree.

Sitting half way up the tree was a Kestrel surveying the area.

OTL said he was looking for his lunch!

Holly said he could come home with us and join us for lunch, providing he tastes like,


Just looking for lunch!
 He must have heard Holly 'cos the next moment he flew off, back down the path towards the sea!

The afternoon has been spent sort of snoozing and mugging OTL for some nibbles.

Not sure what is for dinner tonight but I think we have got Lambs Heart and Liver!

Can't wait!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly