Tuesday, 28 February 2012

It's a Squirrel Day Today!

Yo Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

Seems like we are back to normal time at last, Old Two Legs didn't get up until seven thirty and by the time he got himself fed and washed, it was just before nine, a sensible time to take our morning constitutional!

We even had time to study those 'leaves' that the Two Legs hung the leaves on.

It was Sea Weed!

Sea Weed!
What a bunch of Plonkers!

One sniff will tell you that it's Sea Weed and not very clean Sea Weed either!

OTL played a game of Hide 'n' Seek with us, he jumped down on the beach and poked his head and camera above the Sea Wall. Now I don't know exactly what he was trying to do, but Holly and I watched him go down the steps and we saw his hat 'walking' along the Sea Wall, so it's not as if we didn't know where he was!

We played along with him 'cos you've got to keep him happy, you never know when we get an adventure!

So, here I am doing my 'Oh dear, where has my OTL gone!' sort of look that makes him go Ahh! 

Where has OTL gone?
Then when he has finished taking the picture I wag my tail and make like I am surprised!

Holly catches on fast and she did the 'Oh dear, where has my OTL gone!' and when he jumped up she pretended to be surprised and fell over on her side!

Ooo! Scary!
I'm sure OTL is not that daft, but just in case, we play along!

After lunch it was a quick trip to the carriers and then down to the Forest to hunt squirrels.

We had a great time, there were about six we saw and a load that we heard chattering away up in the trees!

Holly was doing her spotting job and I did the chasing. We even heard a woodpecker hammering away on a tree trunk, the first time this year. We wanted to go and see it but a squirrel popped it's head up at the same time.

Decisions, decisions, woodpecker or squirrel, squirrel or woodpecker?

Squirrel or Woodpecker?

There was one squirrel that was making a load of noise, but he was high in the tree and OTL took his picture using the new camera. Now he had not set up any of the menu's or stuff he has to do before using it but if you look at the picture and blow it up to full size......you can see the squirrels whiskers!

Shall I pose?
So, back home we go and you can guess what OTL has been playing with, yep, the Menus!

Tomorrow we may get a trip out so he can play some more with the camera, maybe some more hide 'n' seek if we are lucky!

Lambs Heart tonight, who needs squirrel!

Bye for now.


Daisy & Holly