Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sunday is for swimming!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

We had a laugh this morning, Holly and I jumped up onto Old Two Legs bed and crept up to his head, then we both sat on The Missus and licked OTL's ear and at the same time our tails were wagging at full speed!

That means TM was getting a good whacking while we were licking OTL, but, when we turned around to lick TM, OTL got the wagging tail treatment!

It was at that point TM decided to get up and make another card and I decided it was time for a wee!

Holly decided to stay cuddled up to OTL and off I went, but when I got down to the kitchen and TM opened the door, I stuck my nose out and it got wet!

That was it, I'm not going out in that!

So, I backed up, and shot back up to a nice warm bed!

The walk along The Sea Wall was wet and damp, in fact more wet than damp!

This is Not Funny!
OTL insisted that we do the 'Full Circuit' today so off we went, getting wetter and wetter!

I am More Than Damp Now!
By the time we got back to the car we were WET! As OTL was giving us a rub down with our towel, the rain was blowing almost horizontally into OTL and he was getting wet, really wet and the water was now running down his trousers, on the inside!

Poor OTL, his boots were getting wet, on the inside!

Back home to another dry and then breakfast of chicken and after that, a snooze!

Just snoozing Sunday away!
Lunch time came and we were a bit wary of going out, well, it had rained this morning and there was no way of knowing if it had stopped!

OTL took a look out side and said it was only 'spitting', so, off we went.

I must admit, it didn't look too bad on the way down there but as we got there, it started again!

It looked like the only animal that didn't mind the rain were the Brent Geese on the mud flats!

Wunderful Rain!
 Holly and I had a chat and then I did my 'I want Summat' thump on the back of OTL's leg.

He turned around and said 'Yesss?'

I then gave him the 'Let's go home' look and Holly joined in as well, so, OTL got the message!

Off we went, back to the car!

Let's Go Home?
 But we didn't go home!

No, we went off to the Doggy Shop!

Oh WOW! You should have sniffed the place, it had Rabbits and Guinea Pigs and rat looking things other yummy looking food!

OTL went around with a wire basket and filled it up with our super sniffin stuff and he put some biscuits in the basket and they had the ingredients listed as Rabbit and Duck!

Now, as Holly says, this is going to be interesting!

We will let you know tomorrow what happens!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly