Wednesday, 11 September 2013

I Showed off to The Bozo's!

Hi Woofers!

It's Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you!

You know, these ferrets can get into a right state sometimes. This morning, Snowflake did her 'Don't wake me up until you get to the beach' trick but Mr Brambles had the pickle in him again and proceeded to chase Holly and me at every opportunity! Not satisfied with that, he even had a go at chasing Old Two Legs!

Down on the beach both ferrets had a hole digging contest, Mr |Brambles won on both depth and length!

Then they both ran up the path jumping over and on top of each other and at one point Miss Snowflake was chuckling her tail off as she sank her teeth into Mr Brambles butt!

Back home we had our breakfast and headed off to the bed for a snooze.

OTL was busy doing his work 'cos he warned one of his customers that we were getting near to our 'Autumn Holiday' and they would have to wait for their stuff until we get back and what did they do? Yep! They ordered a load of stuff that OTL has to get out before we head off!

Lunch time came and I jumped up onto OTL's lap and licked his nose to remind him that he promised we could go to the New Park. He took the hint and off we went in the little car!

We got there and noticed that the car park wasn't very busy, which means that the mini two legs were still at school and we had the park to ourselves!

OTL dug a tennis ball out from under one of the seats and we were off, chasing the ball downhill towards the Swimming Hole!

When we got down to the Swimming Hole, there were four woofers paddling in the water and as I got there I woofed for OTL to 'Throw The Ball'

As soon as I did that, the woofers left the water and ran off with their owners!

I didn't care and in no time I was launching myself off the concrete step and into deep water!

Watch me get the ball  Holly!
 I was swimming out to the ball and getting it back, then OTL would throw it out again and off I went!

Look at me! I've got the ball again!
 OTL would throw the ball and I would go in after it but sometimes I didn't open my mouth wide enough to get the ball and instead of grabbing it I would push it further out!

So, there were times when I would turn around, come back to the concrete skirt and off  I would go again swimming out to the ball, grab it and back to shore!

Come here ball!
 OTL was laughing at me swimming with my tail straight up in the air and called it my 'Periscope'!

Holly said that it looked more like a Shark Fin and called me a Dog Shark!

Maybe I'm a Woofing Shark!
 Back home we told The Missus all about my swim and how Holly only got her paws wet 'cos she said that I could have the whole Swimming Hole to myself.

I was sorry there wasn't some of those big Bozo Labrador woofers who make such a big splash, I would have enjoyed showing off to them!

Still, there's always next time!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy ( The Shark), Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles