Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Twice around The Forest and Back for Dinner!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with more adventures!

This morning we woke Old Two Legs up early, just for fun! Both Holly and I jumped onto the bed after The Missus had got up.

We sneaked up to his head that was poking out from under the duvet and gave his ears a good licking!

After he woke up, we crept down to the bottom of the bed and fell asleep!


 Our walk down on The Sea Wall was a little misty, not very cold but lacking in other interesting stuff!

I mean, all we saw were two Shellduck racing along above the beach looking for a place to land 'cos the tide was right up to the top of the beach!

Looking for a place to land!
After lunch we went with OTL down to The Forest, more squirrel chasing and sniffin for Foxes!

About half way around OTL got a call on his mobile phone, it was TM jumping up and down 'cos OTL had taken the small car. Seems she had to go off baby sitting and needed the car!

OTL did suggest she find her bus pass and go that way but it didn't go down too well.

So, that was it, only half way around our walk and we were on our way home all glum and unhappy with our day!

It was bad enough being served Doggy Scoff this morning instead of real food but to have our walk shortened was just too much!

OTL drove home and as we pulled up outside, TM came rushing out of the front door. OTL got out of the car and opened up the big car and told us to 'Get In!'

To our surprise and great joy, off we went back to The Forest again!

Off we went, sniffin for squirrels and chasing foxes and we didn't even show off when OTL wanted to take pictures of the Bluebells again!

A carpet of Bluebells.
Both Holly and me were really impressed with OTL, he managed to creep up on a squirrel who was digging up some nuts he had hidden. OTL got really close and it was only the camera noise that scared the squirrel off!

A Squirrel and Bluebells!
We will be glad when the warm weather comes back 'cos at the moment the paths keep going all boggy and it gets between the pads on our feet and OTL has to spend time cleaning our feet before getting in the car!

Dry to the left, boggy to the right!
We hear that tomorrow there will be rain down here, so we hope it will all fall on us over night, that way the ground will be wet but we won't get soaked by the rain when we go out in the morning!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly