Saturday, 11 August 2012

McDaisy & MacHolly

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly here in sunny Scotland!

We are camped out by the side of Loch Fyne, which MacHolly says is 'Fyne' by her!

Loch Fyne.

She can be a right wag sometimes!

This morning we went looking for our new coats. The place Old Two Legs had found on the internet had loads in stock but they were all the Velcro type of fitting and that stuff doesn't last more than a day or two with us!

So, off we went to another place and found just the design that pleased OTL, no velcro and reasonably priced!

They didn't have our size but we tried on one a bit larger and it looked super smart!

So, OTL paid for a couple of coats and they will send them on to home when we get back.

As Old Two Legs says, we looked 'The Dogs Doo Dah's'

Yeah, seriously good looking!

Last night it was early to bed 'cos we will be in Scotland a few miles up the road and OTL says we will need passports to get over the border but we know he is joking!

We cleared Gretna Green about eleven and stopped for a break alongside Loch Lomond, OTL pointed out Ben Lomond and said that he had been to the top. It looked a long way up and no bus to come down!

We got to our caravan site about three and had a run along the side of the Loch with The Missus, I managed to find this super mud bath and jumped in, then we found the river so I jumped in and washed it all off, well almost!

Me, in trouble again!
By the way,MacHolly has won the prize for getting the first Tick. OTL saw it creeping up her leg!

OTL says you always know if it is a Tick 'cos when you try to squash it, it bounces back up!

Now until the end of the holiday it will be a 'Brush & Search' twice or three times a day as well as 'Kit Inspection'!

We are off for some Fish & Chips tonight, well OTL & TM are and we may just get a nibble if we are lucky!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly