Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Super Sniffs and Scotch Mists!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again!

I'll tell you this, we could get seriously used to Old Two Legs bed! It's great snoozing on his pillow and Holly says she can really stretch out and even roll about at night which is something she can't do in her own bed!

We were out this morning along The Sea Wall and Holly discovered a string of new sniffs that we hadn't come across before. We worked out that it was three dogs all about two years old and maybe from the same family!

Hey! Get a Load of these Sniffs!

You know, us dogs can yell loads from the sniffs we leave behind!

It's a bit harder with OTL, all we get is the sniff of his socks!

OTL's been here, but a few days ago!
 We got a call from OTL late this afternoon, seems like they have 'Upgraded' the B&B but have left the bike at the old place!

An Upgrade!
 There is a small hitch with the 'Upgrade', they have to arrange their own central heating!

Guess who is the 'Boy Scout'?
 As a special treat, a passing otter did stick her head up and ask if they had any fish!

Hey! Gottanyfishmister?
 Seems they got lost again and ended up at Loch Etive where OTL managed to step into a bog and disappeared up to above his knees in Quaggy Stuff!

I bet he will sniff when he gets home!

Loch Etive
 Alun suggested he wash off the quaggy stuff in the river but OTL said it looked a 'Bit Deep'!

Anyone for a Swim?
 Well, says Holly, if he wants to sleep here tomorrow he will have to get washed down with the hose before he is allowed in doors!

Only Non Sniffers allowed here!
 Now, don't this pair look like a right pair of sniffers!

A Right Pair of Sniffers!
 So, it's chicken tonight and with a bit of luck, some of The Missus's dinner as well, if we're lucky!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly