Monday, 4 June 2018

Wot a day for Monty!

Hello Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and.............................Monty!

Yep, you read right, Monty!

Today we had arranged to go down to the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue to present them with the wonderful donation from the Allhallows Croppers.

Old Two Legs made the appointment and was asked if he was looking for a new mate for Wendy?

OTL said he would leave it a while and see how she settled down without Freddy.

Well, Miss Wendy has been a bit 'Clingy' and has gone off her food as well. She was eating but not enough for a good poo!

That's how OTL tells if the ferrets are OK by the size, colour and sniff of the poo when he is cleaning the cages.

So. this morning we all had a meeting and while Wendy said she was OK as it was and to let her sort herself out.

Holly and I discussed it when we went for our morning stroll and decided that we should try to get her to at least have a look!

Well, you have always got to have someone to cuddle up to and we got OTL!
 OTL was deep in thought and kept himself to himself as we walked along the Sea Wall.

He spotted a butterfly he hadn't seen before and reckons it could be a 'Transparent Burnet' only they are only seen up in the North West Highlands and in Northern Ireland!

Mind you, it could be an oddity in it's colouring!

A Lost 'Transparent Burnet'?
 He also spotted a Goats Beard which pleased him 'cos he thought they had cut down all the plant life down so low he didn't think anything would grow this year!

Nice to see you!
 After lunch we all set off to Harrietsham, that is The Missus, OTL, Holly and I plus Wendy Chops!

Roy and Chris were tickled pink with the donation which will go to providing veterinary care for the ferrets. They were saying that last year the vet cost them £1800.00!

We were introduced to a little Polecat Ferret called Monty.

Now Monty has been bullied by the other ferrets in the cage and he has been thrown out of the bedroom and forced to sleep on his own!

We tried an introductory meeting between him and Wendy.

Wendy went for him with a squeal and charge! Monty, not having much self confidence after being bullied retreated at speed and hid in the back of the cage!

She just wouldn't leave him alone and chased him all over the place!

We then tried Wendy with a big strong albino who looked like he wouldn't take any nonsense from anyone.

That was until he met up with Wendy!

She chased him all over the cage and he retreated into the back of the bedroom at high speed!

It was looking like Wendy was heading for a single existence in that big cage at home.

OTL was troubled by this and remembered back when Freddy met Wendy for the first time, she did the same thing and Freddy just turned his back and went off to sleep!

Getting no response from Freddy, Miss Wendy took herself off and slept on her own for a couple of weeks before OTL found them in the same cuddle cup, cuddled up together!

So, we are going to spend some time putting them together in a 'Controlled Environment' which means a neutral cage and with OTL on hand to act as referee!

With any luck Monty will get a bit braver and Wendy will get fed up with attacking Monty!

Well, that's the plan anyway!

So, here is Monty, getting used to OTL's attention with cap full of Ferretone and tickles around the back of his neck!

We will start the introductions tomorrow and claws crossed, it won't be long before the hostilities cease and we find them cuddled up together!

Your called OTL?

Who is that over there rattling the cage door?
 Monty had seen Eric rattling the cage and was introduced to Eric who was most interested in the new ferret in the house!

OK, if you don't mind I'm off for a drink and a bite to eat!
OTL started the introductions like this. He picked up the paper kitchen towel that Monty had wee'd and poo'd on and put it in Wendy's cage, just to remind her that he was still around!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty!