Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Snow Fairy Has Come Back Again!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

Guess what?

We got up this morning and looked out of the window and ........................


Us saying Hello to The Snow Fairy!
 We ran into the garden and snuffled around saying hello and welcome back. Holly got too excited and sniffed to much and the snow went up her nose and it made her eyes water!

Holly snuffling too hard!
We couldn't wait to get down to The Sea Wall and see what was happening with the rabbits!

 As soon as we were let out of the car we raced along to where the rabbits live and called out for them to come out and play but they stayed in their holes 'cos it was too cold for them!

We didn't care, we ran on and rolled in the snow and Holly was getting all 'Very Excited'

An Excited Holly!
 It was easier finding out who had been out this morning and it was interesting seeing the paw prints as well as following the sniffs. You know, we were the first woofers along the wall this morning!

Look! We're First!
 OTL thought it was good for us to see our paw prints in the snow and he even took a photograph!

Holly & Daisy!
I suppose next he will want to take a picture of our paws in mud! 

We had a super time and had fun rolling in the snow until OTL shoved us back in the car to go home for some breakfast, Doggy Scoff!

We spent the morning snoozing and when it was time to go out for our lunch time walk, the Snow Fairy had gone! She didn't even say 'Goodbye' but we reckon that she will be back soon!

After doing some deliveries OTL then took us down to The New Park and I knew that he had a ball in his pocket, so I did my 'Jumping Up and Woofing' trick to tell him to throw the ball.

I made his nice clean trousers a bit grubby!

I got the Ball!
 Holly was a bit put out that the Snow Fairy had left the New Park

No Snow At All!
So, with the snow gone Holly decides that she doesn't want to chase me and the ball, instead she does her 'Doggy Trot' dance in the middle of the path!

Do, Do, The Doggy Trot!
We stopped off at the Tee Pee to see if anyone was around but it was empty.

Any one home?
 We carried on around the park and slowly it was getting colder so off we went back to the car.

The sun was setting and of course, OTL just had to stop and take a picture, not bad but we wanted to get home and have a snooze before dinner!

 So, now it's off to mug OTL for some of his dinner, not sure what he has got but it had better not be ham salad!

 See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly