Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Guard Duty

Hello Woofers,

D&H here again.

We have been very busy today, first there was the overnight attack by 'Marauding Pussy Cats'! About two in the morning there was a crash outside the window, we reckon it was 'Hissin Chrissy' and her mates, falling off the dustbin and landing in a pile of old stuff that is due to go out for disposal. What with the noise she made and the noise we made, there was a possibility that all the street heard us.

We reckon that everyone must sleep sounder in their beds knowing we are 'On Patrol'!

We went out with OTL to watch him do some work today, we stood guard in the car and made sure no one got near his tools and stuff. We growled at the men in the yard and woofed at the crows making a noise in the trees.

We were so good at the Guarding Bit that Holly wants to put our name on the car as well. Big bold lettering, 'D&H Guarding', that should get us loads of work!

D&H Guarding!
After we had finished,  we stopped off at The Farm for a run around, we thought we heard a fox across the field and stood to listen and see if there was any more movement in the hedgerow. After a few minutes we got fed up and carried on sniffing for rabbits, the fox must have sneaked off  'cos he saw us!

Is that a Fox down there?
Remembering how I got lost yesterday, I tried to track OTL and Holly by just using my nose.

It worked!

Keeping my nose to the ground I was able to pick up OTL's scent. It's a bit hard to describe but I know it as soon as I smell it!

I can smell you!
Holly thinks that on a good day OTL smells like a mixture of Old Leather Boots, Sweaty Socks, Twigletts and Malt Whisky and Short Bread!

We don't care, as long as we get our walk and good food and a bowl of fresh cold water, he can smell of what he likes!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly