Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Mid Week Already!

Hi Woofers!

D&H Back with you again!

We went out for our morning run with Old Two Legs and as soon as we got outside, it started to rain, so it was a quick right hand turn and off we went to the Football Field! I had a chase around after the ball that OTL was kicking but Holly just sat down and refused to move! 'I'm getting wet and I want to go home' was all she would say, even when OTL chased her towards the ball.

Well, we walked down the field and were down near where all the children play on the swings when Holly spotted a cat, 'YAH!!!! ROOOOOOO!' she woofed, and ran at top speed towards the cat, I was just a couple of feet behind her!

The cat took one look and belted into the bushes by the side of the park with us closing in at high speed!

Then all sort of went crazy, we were crashing into the bushes looking for the cat, OTL was getting closer and laughing!

What he had seen was this pesky cat side stepping and letting us rush past, then turning around, walked quite gently over to his garden and over the fence!

That is one Sneaky Pussy Cat!

Lunch time we had a run down at The Sea Wall again, trying to catch the rabbit, I think that it is a lost cause, but as young fit puppies, we have to put on a show for the other animals around. I mean, we got to keep the side up!

The tide was right out, so we couldn't have a paddle and OTL said that if we went anywhere near the mud he would give us a shower!

No Sea and we can't play in the mud!
We went off into the long grass hunting grass snakes while OTL tried to compose a 'Converging Lines' type picture. This was one of the exercises he had to do at college, we think he should go back!

Converging Lines
We were hunting in the grass when Holly says she saw a snake, a big one called a 'Slow Worm', I said that all worms were slow, that's why the birds get them.

When I got over to where she was, I couldn't see anything, so I said she was seeing things again!

That's when the fight started and we were woofing at each other all down the path!

A Slow Worm that has Scarpered!
Home in time for some dinner and a little mug of OTL for some shortbread, we do love the taste, even though he only gives us a little bit off the end of the biscuit!

I think an early night may be called for 'cos I'm a little bit sleepy and I've already woofed at OTL to get my bed sorted!

Night night all, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

P.S. Yo Max Matey, don't worry about the 'mistake' we all do it from time to time, I blame the Two Legs for not noticing our discomfort! Mind you I've never liked having a wee in the rain, trying to concentrate with rain drops on your nose is not easy!

Have a good night and get them TL's going on the blog, I reckon it will be great, even if it is just photo's with funny titles!

See Ya Mate!