Saturday, 20 September 2014

F1 & Anti Tick Stuff & Wet Paws!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

A fun day today! The Missus went off to her Crop Thingy this morning all full of fun 'cos someone on the TV was holding one of her card and said something like '....and this is from Eileen Godwin, Queen of Inks!'

Gawd, there will be no living with her now!

Mind you, Holly says that we should send an email to the TV company and explain that at home she is known as 'Old Inky Fingers'!

After dropping 'Inky' off at the village hall we headed off to the beach, just in time for the rain to start.

It was that sort of Misty Rain that sort of sneaks up on you and gets you all wet without you knowing it!

We were all a bit damp and when we got back to the car it was a contest to see who got the Doggy Towel first.

Miss Snowflake won, followed by Brambles and then Holly and I was last 'cos I was sitting out in the middle of the field waiting for the rabbits to appear!

OTL left the camera in the car, so no pictures of the ferrets swimming in the rock pool!

We have been sorting out some of the stuff we will be taking on holiday, the ferrets have been cleaning out their 'Holiday Cage', that's the one they sleep in overnight and also travel in when riding in the car.

Holly found our rain coats and also out new Red Harnesses which make us look dead smart!

If we find a Doggy Shop we may get some new coats, we will have to see!

Lunchtime the sun came out and off we went to the Sea Wall again. This time OTL kept us up on the high bank 'cos he had put out Anti Tick Drops on our back to keep the little nasties away and he didn't want it to get washed off.

So what did I do?

Yep! Rushed off for a Deep Paddle in the Sea!

Me, Just about to get in trouble!
 Of course, Little Miss Holly Chops was all for winding OTL up and was calling out that I was swimming across the River Medway to Sheerness and that she was off to Southend as well!

OTL sat down on the bench and was about to get all upset when Holly Dog ran up the steps and shouted out.......

 I was still in trouble 'cos I was just a little wet all the way up to my tummy!

Holly was well pleased with her effort to wind up OTL and she kept on getting up close to him and calling out Fooled Ya, again and again and again!

Fooled Ya!
We spotted a Two Legs raking up all the dried grass into piles all across the field. Holly reckons he needs a worming tablet but OTL says he could be collecting food for his rabbits.

What ever turns you on!

Bunny Food?
We got back home in time to see the F1 Qualifying, I fell asleep and Holly was busy hunting out the chews she had tucked behind the boxes in TM's Card Room!

Tonight we are going to help OTL sort out his sock draw and select a selection to take away with him on holiday.

The ferrets said they would help as well 'cos they could steal the socks and hide them under the bed!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.