Saturday, 31 March 2012

Moat Digging for Experts!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Diddly Daisy & Happy Holly back again!

We have had a super day today!

First of all we had our normal fun and games overnight, all this pushing and shoving to get the best sleeping spot. Last night it was 'Let's Shove The Missus Out' time! We were all wriggling and shoving and in the end she threatened to throw us all out of bed, including Old Two Legs!

This morning we were up good and early, mainly 'cos I wanted a wee, so, I did what I normally do, stand bye the door and whimper. TM finally got up and let us out. You know it was still dark at five thirty!

Back to bed for a cuddle with OTL before our morning run around the field.

We didn't go out until after the Shepherd had been around to count the sheep and the lambs, just in case any had wandered off in the night. We didn’t want to put off the sheep dog from doing his work!

After breakfast we went down to the beach! The tide was right out and there was miles of sandy beach to run on!

Miles of Sand!

It was just 'Absolutely Super Duper Running Conditions' a gentle breeze and the sun was hiding behind the clouds!

Chase me, I'm The Last Bus!
We chased each other, then we chased OTL, then OTL chased us and then we chased the Gulls!

Then Holly found a shell and was playing 1966, that was when we won the World Cup and all Holly keeps calling is ' On Me Head Bobby!'

Come on, On Me Head!
After that we made some sand castles and had fun digging the moat!

Dig it Deep!
We just wish we could have this sort of beach at home instead of the sticky mud the Wormy Men dig in!

Get Out of My Way, A Flying Puppy Coming Through!
We were exhausted by the time we got back to the caravan, so exhausted that we didn't even have time to chew our 'Special Tooth Cleaning Chew' 'cos we both fell asleep!

A bit later we had a wander around the field with OTL, checking out the sniffs and saying 'Hello' to the new lambs.

Lamb Chop & Donna Kebab
Tonight we have got chicken, we can smell it cooking in the oven. Not sure what OTL is having, but we will mug a bit you can be sure!

Later it is a cuddle on the cushions with OTL while snaffling a bit of shortbread!

Life just couldn't be better!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly